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ManageNow® for Client & Server Automation

ManageNow® Client & Server Automation simplifies the administration and monitoring of heterogeneous server, client and retail IT infrastructure, comprehensively optimizing IT operations. The spectrum of functions range from hardware and software inventory to software packaging that includes Microsoft standard MSI, cascading software distribution, automatic operating system installation, and patch management, as well as remote maintenance and the complete management of workplace systems. ManageNow® Client & Server Automation increases productivity and efficiency thanks to highly standardized systems that can be installed and operated automatically. The standardization and automation of lifecycle management in client & server IT infrastructure enables organizations to effectively manage hardware and software solutions.
In addition ManageNow® Client & Server Automation has special functions for the retail market. ManageNow® for Retail is the ideal complement for Fujitsu’s Point of Sales solutions which make Fujitsu for more than 30 years to a competent supplier in the retail market.


  • Unattended installation including tested product patches
  • Standardized best practice configuration
  • Automated asset inventory import
  • Best practice concept for mobile users
  • Fujitsu DeskView® Integration
  • Automatic setup of a standard client & server architecture to support the full feature set of CA Migration Manager
  • Predefined OS images for Windows, Linux, and special retail systems accelerate the installation
  • Easy to integrate CA Client Automation environments into ManageNow installation
  • Standard rule sets enable automatic hardware analysis, boot image builds and unattended deployment for clients and servers
  • Plug and Play driver database for Microsoft Windows

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