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Data Center Management with ManageNow®

ManageNow®: The assured Solution for Data Center Management

One main task of data center managers and administrators is to ensure the availability and dynamic flexibility of applications and the underlying IT infrastructure to meet the ongoing business requirements. However, the costs facing IT organizations in fulfilling this task have significant pressure on available budgets and leave little room for innovative improvements. The introduction of new technologies and applications in the data center often increases the level of IT management complexity; for IT organizations this often translates into increased manpower requirements, leading to increased cost.

The outstanding solution ManageNow® has been specifically developed by Fujitsu to solve these challenges. ManageNow® solutions packages offer an easy and automated implementation and efficient operation of Data Center Management and Automation. A current ROI calculation from a German Outsourcing project with more than 700 systems shows that ManageNow® reduces the monthly operating costs per system by at least 50% compared to a conventional approach.

ManageNow has two different kinds of product. With ManageNow® Data Center Monitoring you are always informed about the activities in your data center. With ManageNow® Client & Server Automation you get more speed in rolling out changes consistently.

ManageNow® Data Center Monitoring Manage Now

Are you looking for an easily scalable solution for the monitoring of heterogeneous data center IT infrastructure, which observes Fujitsu IT products (PRIMERGY, ETERNUS, etc.) as well as products from the main SAN and storage vendors (Brocade, EMC, NetApp,…).?

ManageNow® Client & Server Automation ManageNow®

You would like to simplify the administration and monitoring of your heterogeneous server, client and retail IT infrastructures?

ManageNow® Solution Modules ManageNow® Modules

Both ManageNow® for Data Center Monitoring and ManageNow® for Client & Server Automation are pre-packaged and pre-configured solutions based on three modules: Software, Deployment Service and Support.

ManageNow® Case Studies & Quotes ManageNow® Case Studies & Quotes

You would like to learn more about how real-life customers have improved their cost effectiveness and overall efficiency by implementing our ManageNow® solution?