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Combining the robust and powerful elements of Open Stack software Ceph with the ETERNUS CD10000 Hyper Scale System, thus enabling a high outstanding enterprise ready scale-out storage solution. Prepared for large cloud solution areas, the ETERNUS CD10000 offers high resilience with hundreds of nodes, linear capacity and performance with seamless scalability and zero downtime operations.
  • Intel®/sup Xeonsup® processor

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Nearly unlimited and flexible scalability of capacity and performance

    • Pay as you grow. No unnecessary upfront investments
    • No forced migration through scalability limits
    • Extremely long lifecycle through technology refreshes during operation reduces maintenance efforts and costs
    Fault tolerance and self-healing by design

      • No extra costs for high availability
      • Providing high service levels at lower cost levels
      • Zero downtime
      Based on Ceph open source storage software

        • No vendor lock-in
        • Seamless integration in OpenStack environments
        Supporting object, file and block storage

          • Delivers large storage consolidation potential within one architecture
          System platform with end-to-end maintenance

            • Use of open source based storage without risks
            • Highly reduced evalutation, implementation and maintenance efforts
            High performance through high parallelism of read and write operations

              • High I/O performance can be achieved at lower costs

              Technical details

              TypeHyper-scale storage
              Storage managementFujitsu's GUI management console
              Host connectivity optionsCEPH Object, CEPH block device
              Max. no. of storage nodes224
              Storage node typesBasic, Capacity and Performance (mix possible)
              Max. raw capacity56 PB
              Max. throughput1 GB/s including all redundant data copies
              Application interfacesKVM, Swift, S3, CephFS (on special release request)

              Case Studies

              Press Release

              • Munich,April 09, 2019
                Fujitsu Offers More Backup Choices with New Commvault HyperScale™ Appliances

                Fujitsu is giving customers the widest choice of backup solutions to suit their individual business needs and budgets, with the addition of Commvault HyperScale™ Appliances to its storage portfolio.

              • Munich,November 10, 2015
                Fujitsu Makes Evaluating Software-Defined Storage Simple and Affordable

                Fujitsu today introduces FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CD10000 Quick Start Edition, a unique solution that gives service providers, telecommunications companies, and software developers – among many others – a fast, simple and affordable route to implementing Ceph storage in customer environments. Ceph is now the most popular open source storage platform and software-defined storage (SDS) has become the holy grail in managing sky-rocketing data volumes. However, until now it has required significant investment in expensive hardware, skill development, and eliminating risk – before even knowing if it will be sufficient for the required deployment.

              • Munich,October 01, 2015
                Fujitsu Perfects Software-Defined Storage for Enterprise Needs

                Fujitsu today introduces the second-generation FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CD10000, its hyperscale software-defined storage system. Already the world’s most scalable and capable storage system, the ETERNUS CD10000 S2 now provides even more powerful tools to meet the data handling challenges of the petabyte age.

              • Munich/Frankfurt,October 27, 2014
                Fujitsu Cures Petabyte-scale Data Capacity Management Headaches with Launch of new Hyper-scale Storage ETERNUS CD10000

                As organizations continue to grapple with the problem of how to leverage Big Data as they cross the Petabyte divide, Fujitsu today introduces the world’s first storage system designed to grow as big and last as long as the online data it hosts. By creating a storage eco-system with unlimited capacity that is capable of living forever, the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CD10000 helps organizations eliminate the major headaches associated with the exponential growth of data.

              • Munich,September 16, 2014
                Fujitsu to Provide Hyperscale, Software-defined Storage in Collaboration with Red Hat

                Fujitsu announces a collaboration with Red Hat, the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, to deliver a hyperscale, software-defined storage appliance for service providers and IT organizations that provides online data access in the multi-petabyte range.

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