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Features, Components and Versions

Apache is a widely used web server. ApacheOpen a new window was written aiming for a robust and feature-rich implementation of a HTTP server (web server) in commercial quality but with freely available source code. According to the Netcraft Web Server SurveyOpen a new window Apache is the most-widely used web server software for computers connected to the internet from 1996 on.

Fujitsu Technology Solutions offers a cost-free version of Apache in BS2000/OSD.

Apache is configured to serve several, logically separate web sites via "virtual hosting", e.g. openUTM and WebTransactions.
Apache is part of the BS2000 release unit APACHE. In addition to the base functionality of the web server APACHE (BS2000/OSD) contains supplementary components. Therefore documentation and download are version-specific.

Apache in BS2000/OSD can be obtained in the following version: APACHE 2.2A00,
APACHE (BS2000/OSD) V2.2 is based on the official release version APACHE 2.2.8. Additionally, the latest security fixes have been included.

In addition to the basic functionality of the web server, APACHE 2.2A00 contains support for the scripting languages PHP5 and Perl and for Java Servlets and Java Server Pages. From the embedded PHP scripting engine, there exist SQL database interfaces to the SESAM and ORACLE databases. Based on the graphic library GD-lib the graphic formats JPEG and PNG are supported. In addition, APACHE features a WebDAV interface (Web-based document management). This version supports IPv6 (optional, requires openNetServer Version 2.0).

APACHE 2.2A00 can be used with BS2000 Version OSD-BC V6.0A and higher. For more information please read the White Paper for APACHE 2.2 with a more detailed description of the functions.