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CeBIT 2015

The fast and comprehensive use of IT in all areas of business and society, as well as its role as an important driving force behind innovation, will be our central focus at CeBIT 2015.

d!conomy is the main topic at CeBIT 2015 – IT and digitalization are increasingly leaving their mark on business and society

You can obtain an overview of the latest IT features at the Fujitsu stand at CeBIT 2015!

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Public Sector

Public Sector

With its emphasis on Public Sector, Fujitsu underlines the strategic importance of the IT-supported modernization of state and administration as well as new E-Government offers. Fujitsu will demonstrate at CeBIT the new opportunities arising in IT and how to construct efficient and secure E-Government services.



The “Internet of Things”, with its rapidly increasing data volume and an increasing convergence of the business and private use of mobile terminals and services, makes it really clear – we really do live in a mobile world.



In order to ensure that your data - a really important asset - does not get lost or fall into the hands of competitors, it is essential that we cover the subject of information security which protects a company’s knowledge against loss, data inconsistency and unauthorized access.

Business Centric Datacenter Business Centric Datacenter

Virtualization, cloud computing and new services, including management technologies. Successful companies and administration departments will be using - in the coming 5 to 10 years – state-of-the-art technologies and solutions that will completely reshape data centers.

Big Data

Big Data

Large amounts of data coming at high speeds from a wide range of sources – and it all has to be analyzed in order to create commercial and business advantages: that is the definition of “big data”.

SAP Services & SolutionsSAP Services & Solutions

Ranging from infrastructure to implementation scenarios, and including SAP HANA, straight from the Cloud.

Expert Talks

Expert Talk

Book one of our individual expert talks here in order to discuss in detail an IT topic that is of extreme importance to you.

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