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How PalmSecure can be used

The opportunities to implement palm vein technology span a wide range of vertical markets, such as e.g. financial/banking, retail, healthcare, public sector and entertainment. Applications for the device include:

  • Physical admission into secured areas
  • Log-in to PCs or server systems
  • Access to POS
  • ATMs or kiosks
  • Positive ID control
  • Other industry-specific applications

Fujitsu develops and supports secured control and monitoring of SAP activities using biometric authentication with Fujitsu PalmSecure and bioLockTM from realtime AG. In addition PalmSecure technology is integrated in a broad range of selected PCs, like ESPRIMO mini PC, CELSIUS mobile workstation, LIFEBOOK notebook and STYLISTIC 2 in 1 devices.

PalmSecure and SAP – Utilizing biometrical authentication by Fujitsu PalmSecure bioLock TM

Fujitsu developed a secure control and monitoring solution for SAP activities using the biometric authentication Fujitsu PalmSecureTM bioLock. Customers can set individual “checkpoints”, which initiate a re-authentication by the user for specific transactions. This ensures security for sensitive transactions.

Find more information about PalmSecure bioLock

PalmSecure and Workplace systems

In the ongoing development of PalmSecure sensor technology Fujitsu concentrated on the miniaturization of the sensor technology. We reduced the height of the new sensors to 5mm which allows utilizing the PalmSecure authentication technology in small and mobile devices, e.g. notebooks and tablets. The security management software Workplace Protect is required to benefit from PalmSecure authentication. Download Workplace Protect for free here.

Workplace Protect in detail

Main goal of Workplace Protect is to prevent unauthorized access to PCs and confidential data. Customer can select either pre-boot authentication (PBA) or logging on to the Windows operating system. Some pre-boot procedures are implemented between BIOS and operating system, Fujitsu’s pre-boot authentication is implemented on BIOS level. Authentication on BIOS level can in addition be used for single sign-on to corporate networks and Windows domains.

Login authentication on operating system level is supported by scanning the palm vein pattern or by two factor authentication. In the case of two factor authentication the palm vein pattern – which is compared with the login scan - is stored on a smartcard, not the PC. Workplace Protect is easy to install and fast to configure. In a few steps biometric palm vein recognition can be set up as authentication method. Find a brief guide about the login to Windows with PalmSecure hereOpen a new window.

More information about Workplace Protect - incl. download area for Workplace Protect SW for the installation of the PalmSecure sensor! Please see also the according Setup Guide – How to register PalmSecureOpen a new window

Customer Case Studies

See how Fujitsu’s customers take advantage PalmSecure:

  • Banco Bradesco partnered with Fujitsu to develop South America's first biometric ATM security solution. The Bradesco team was able to successfully provide more than 70 million customers instant and secure access to their accounts, while reducing fraud related costs to almost zero.
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  • Ferencváros Soccer Club scores with BioSec biometric personal identification system for its new stadium
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  • PCS and Fujitsu TDS developed a solution based on PalmSecure technology to provide maximum access security for sensitive areas
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  • Further case studies)