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Cloud Managed Workplace Services

Cloud Managed Workplace Contact

Managing a cost-effective, secure and agile platform for your business

The workplace is evolving and employees are no longer tethered to a specific work location, they don’t work from nine to five either which in turn is actually driving productivity. Instead, they balance their commitments and work from anywhere and anytime, connecting to their apps and data on whichever and whatever devices they want to use. Bringing people, systems and information together in a secure, always connected and personalized manner whilst running a cost-effective and attractive operation is one of the main inhibitors in place today.

These challenges give rise to an important question, how do you find the right balance of performance, cost, flexibility and security?

Flexible, secure and efficient workplace environments delivered via the Cloud

With Fujitsu Cloud Managed Workplace Services, regardless of the size and complexity of your workplace environment, we provide a secure platform for the delivery of digital services via the Cloud. We offer a flexible and scalable environment fabric in which to operate within, which delivers all of the capabilities you need in order to Manage and deploy user devices via one platform, regardless of the operating system.

Our fully managed Cloud environment supports and enables devices through the use of Cloud-based software management tools. Workplace services are delivered through a single SaaS based platform that incorporates Unified Endpoint Management as a Service, and Microsoft 365 (O365, Azure AD and Win10) as a Service.

End-user self-provisioning - enabling productivity gains while reducing costs

Fujitsu Cloud Managed Workplace emphasizes end-user self-service and self-provisioning. We enable your employees to be more self-sufficient and productive by empowering them to access the digital tools, apps and services they need, as and when they need to. In doing this, they are no longer required to wait for a centralized IT team to get things up and running, saving them time, and you, money.

With our end-user analytics, we continually monitor and measure the end-user experience to ensure your employees remain as productive as possible. Issues such as slow performance and long log on times are picked up at an early stage and rectified before they start to impact performance and productivity.

By empowering your workers to self-provision and enabling you to manage a range of devices we help you to significantly reduce your operating and helpdesk costs.

Agility without compromising security

Our Cloud-based workplace options provide you with the speed, control, and flexibility to implement new capabilities how and when you want. With our offering, you can easily scale services up or down in line with your business needs. Optional device level encryption, anti-virus and application based security with Data Loss Prevention, ensures that your systems and data remain safe and secure.

Maintaining security control - using cloud-based Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM), Identity Authentication as a Service (IDaaS) platforms, and Information Protection technologies, we enable you to manage your security policies and end-user experience across a wide range of devices.

Why choose Fujitsu for your Cloud Managed Workplace environments?

We provide workers with the flexibility to connect, collaborate, and innovate using the latest features and SaaS technologies all accessed from their personal or corporately owned smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop devices. Our smartphone style end-user experiences for PCs, tablets, and smartphones, offers users the ultimate in agility and flexibility without sacrificing your organization’s security.

With our Cloud Managed Workplace offering, we deliver:

  • agnostic device choice to enhance user satisfaction (BYOD, COPE, CYOD)
  • agnostic application delivery via Azure and O365 to enable app protection
  • evergreen service that runs with the latest software versions and updates
  • consistent security policies across multiple device types and services
  • integration to app stores to promote service catalogues and on-demand usage
  • increased agility and reduced time to market to enhance your business needs

Let’s get started. Want to learn more about what you could achieve with Cloud Managed Workplace Services, ContactOpen a new window us today.

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