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Privacy policies


Fujitsu and your personal data

As one of the leading providers of information products and technologies Fujitsu is committed to the use of state-of-the-art technologies in order to continuously improve the services offered to our customers and to protect the personal information of our customers, partners, suppliers, visitors of our web sites and employees effectively. For this we have made appropriate technical and organizational arrangements, for example, providing the option to encrypt e-mails or personal data submitted to our websites.

The term "personal information" comprises all information which allows or facilitates the identification of an individual.

You may access the public websites of Fujitsu, which are available in the Internet, without entering actively any of your personal details. In a few cases, however, we or our partners will need certain information from you in order to give you appropriate and comprehensive service. In such cases we would ask you to provide us with the necessary personal information, e.g. by registering with us. During the registration procedure we will obtain your consent to collect, store, process and transfer your personal data to third parties.

If you give us such details (e.g. name, address, e-mail, type and scope of use of Fujitsu products and services used by you) we will inform you in any case about how the data will be used or potentially transferred to third parties before you submit it. You can additionally also request to see our public list of procedures or view it online under the link

Fujitsu and the assigned purpose / use of your data for a specific purpose

In general, we will use personal information that you voluntarily provide (e.g. during registration with one of our websites, when calling a hotline) only for the purpose you have provided us with the personal information for, i.e. for example to answer your queries, provide requested offers or information for you, process your orders with Fujitsu or to meet our delivery or service commitments. Exceptions to this are when collection, storage and processing are:

  • to protect legal claims;
  • to protect against lawsuits; to prepare, negotiate and perform business transactions;
  • to process public authority or court orders or otherwise due to legislation; or
  • or if the purpose is directly connected with an assigned purpose previously made known to you.
  • In addition, we will use a restricted amount of your personal information for the purpose of advertising as well as marketing and public opinion surveys (for a more detailed description of the extent and scope of such use of your personal information, please see the section 'advertising/marketing and public opinion survey').
To the extent necessary to fulfill the purpose for which the personal information is collected for, it is also possible for your personal information

  • to be collected, saved, processed and forwarded to our worldwide group companies, subsidiaries and affiliates if a processing is necessary to fulfill the previously mentioned purposes; and
  • to be forwarded to third parties instructed by Fujitsu as Fujitsu's subcontractors, whereas such subcontractors can be located in the area of Eastern Europe (e.g. Poland, Czech Republic, Russia or Hungary) or in Asia Pacific (e.g. Japan, India or Malaysia) and thus outside of the European Economic Area.
In the event, it is intended to transfer your personal information to a third party located outside of the European Economic Area, Fujitsu shall take care before your data are transferred e.g. by entering into EU-Model-Clauses specially drafted for such cases that an adequate level of data protection is safeguarded for your personal information.

Advertising/Marketing and public opinion survey

To the extent the personal information you have provided us with consist of lists or other summaries of data that only refers to your membership to a certain category of persons, your occupation, name, title, academic degree(s), address and year of birth, we will use such personal information only to the extent necessary for the purpose of advertising for our own products as well as for the purpose of marketing and public opinion surveys.

Fujitsu performs potential surveys either directly or in cooperation with a market research institute. Either Fujitsu or the market research institute in this context assesses several topics, e.g. the rating of products, designs, marketing measures as well as specific user interests and requirements regarding Fujitsu's products and services. Participating in the surveys allows Fujitsu to gather important information that can be used in the development of new products and services by Fujitsu. To the extent Fujitsu relies on the services of a market research institute, the market research institute will only act on behalf and as instructed by Fujitsu. Personal information collected in the context of the surveys will be used only by Fujitsu in order to further improve its own products and services in consideration of the information directly collected from you. Any additional use of your personal information for internal purposes of the market research institute is excluded as well as the transfer to any other third party.

You have the right to object to the use of your personal information for the purpose of advertising and marketing and public opinion survey at any time with effect for the future.

Storage period

Fujitsu saves your personal data only for such time

  • as may be required to meet delivery commitments and provide services within the contractual framework;
  • as may be required to observe statutory archiving periods;
  • as may be required to become active within a product liability context;
  • as may be required to settle disputes and to enforce any agreements that have been reached; and
  • as your account with Fujitsu is active and you have not marked it for deletion or its use by Fujitsu has been revoked by you.

Fujitsu and technologies used (cookies, web beacons)

We collect information about visitors of our Internet sites in order to further improve our service and our online offers. In this way, customer needs can be better met by Fujitsu.

We use so-called cookies to collect this information. Cookies are small text files that are downloaded and stored on your computer if you visit the Fujitsu website. Such files identify you as a certain user and your personal preferences. However, they can also store technical information. One of the main benefits for you is that you do not have to re-enter the data contained in the cookie each and every time you re-visit the website. You can delete the cookie at any time you want. You may also refuse the use of cookies by selecting the appropriate settings on your browser. However, please note that if you do this you may possibly not be able to use the full functionality of this website. To remove cookies please refer to the support function of your browser.

Currently, the following cookies are used:



ASP.Net_sessionId or JSessionID

Used by website forms and the site search to store session data. The cookie is deleted when the browser is closed.

"CPSMsa91AR” or similar

Used by website forms to store the entered data. The cookie name is randomly generated each time a form is completed and is deleted when the browser is closed.

_utma, _utmb, _utmc etc.

Used by Google Analytics to track page views and other website usage statistics. No personally-identifying information is used. Reports are generated which show how many visits there have been to each page on the website. For further information on Google Analytics, please see the next paragraph.

Usage of Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. ("Google"). Google Analytics uses so-called cookies, text files which are stored on the user's computer and which allow an analysis of the use of the website by you. The information generated by the cookie about the users' use of this website is generally transferred to one of Google's server in the USA and is stored there. On this website the anonymizing of the IP has been activated, so that – beforehand – the user's IP-address will be shortened by Google either in an Member State of the European Union or in another Member State of the European Economic Area. Only in exceptional cases the full IP-address will be transferred to a Google server in the USA and shortened there. On behalf of the operator of this website, Google will use this information to evaluate the user's use of the website in order to put together a report about the website activities for the website operators and to produce linked services with the website use and the Internet use. Google will associate in no circumstances your IP address transmitted by your browser with the other data which are stored by Google. You can prevent the installation of cookies by a suitable setting of your browsers software; however, please note that if you do this you may possibly not be able to use the full functionality of this website. In addition, users can prevent the collection of personal information generated by the cookie and referring to their use of the website (incl. their IP-address) as well as the processing of such data by Google, by downloading and installing the browser plug-in available under the following link. The current link is:

When and where legally required by local applicable you can prevent the collection of personal data by Google Analytics by clicking on the “non-accept” button, which is available when visiting first time the Fujitsu country website.

Further information on the terms of use and data protection with regard to google analytics are available under respectively under .

Fujitsu and the use and acquisition of information in connection with social media environments

The Fujitsu website uses plugins of social media networks such as Xing, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+.

These plugins of other platforms can be recognized by means of a logo or the appropriate wording of the respective platform. If you use one of these plugins to select one of our sites, these plugins are able to establish a direct connection between the browser you used and the appropriate sites of the respective social media network.

As this transfer takes place directly between your browser and the respective network, we at Fujitsu do not have any access or knowledge of the sent data.

If you have simultaneously logged in to one of these platforms or log in to the respective social media network sometime later, the plugins are able to automatically associate this information with your account. Thus, this information will be and is allocated to an individual. Of course, the same applies if you use plugins actively or make comments.

If you click to activate e.g. a button to express approval such as the "Like button on Facebook®)" or make comments, it is possible for the various data to generally be transferred - depending on the operator of the social media network e.g:

- IP address
- Browser information and operating system
- Screen resolution
- Installed browser plugins, such as Adobe Flash Player
- Visitor origin, if you followed a link (referrer)
- URL of the current site

Fujitsu does not have any control over the use of this data in the respective social media network.
If you personally are in one of the above mentioned social media networks and make content available to participants of these networks or on these platforms, content such as images, information, contact details, your personal opinion or any other types of personal information, this is then not covered by this statement of Fujitsu. The terms of use and privacy policies of the respective operators of social media networks apply for any such content.

For your personal information we have listed the possible operators of such social media networks whose plugins as used on the Fujitsu website and their privacy statements in the overview below.

Social Media Network


Privacy Policy


Privacy policy of Twitter


Privacy policy of Xing


Privacy policy of Google


Privacy policy of YouTube


Privacy policy of Linkedin


Privacy policy of Facebook


Privacy policy of Pinterest


Privacy policy of Slideshare

Usage of extern links

The website may contain links to websites of third parties who are not affiliated to Fujitsu. After you have clicked on such link we have no control on the collection, storage or processing of any potential personal data transferred to the third party by clicking on the link (e.g. the IP address or the URL of the website containing the link), as naturally, we do not have any control on the behavior of such third party. Hence, Fujitsu does not assume any responsibility for the processing of personal data by such third party.

Fujitsu and its partners and suppliers

Fujitsu makes Internet platforms available to its partners and suppliers. These websites can only be used after prior registration. The personal data and information that Fujitsu acquires in conjunction with registration are collected, stored and processed by Fujitsu in order to maintain and generally develop the business relationship. The exchange of information with partners and suppliers is always on the basis of concluded contracts and non-disclosure agreements between Fujitsu, the partners and suppliers.

Fujitsu and export control

Fujitsu is a globally active company and engages in international trade, supplying its products to Germany, the EU and outside the EU. Within the framework of general business transactions we are obliged to carry out export controls with regard to products/country, consignees and end use.

These are based on the export control regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union, the United States of America and in part also on the regulations of the Japanese export authorities. For the purpose of this privacy regulation we only consider the verification of personal consignees (companies, organizations and persons) against relevant, generally accessible sanction lists of the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union, the United States of America and Japan.

In the course of this verification Fujitsu regularly compares delivery and personal data (address and personal data) with the data of these sanction lists. Fujitsu is not responsible for the content of these sanction lists.

Depending on the result of these controls Fujitsu is obliged to take appropriate measures within the context of export control regulations, which are stipulated by the Federal Republic of Germany, the European Union, the United States of America and Japan.

Fujitsu and the rights of licensing and trademarks as well as copyrights

Fujitsu is mindful of its own rights of licensing and trademarks as well as copyrights, registered trademarks, patents and property as well as those of its customer, suppliers, partners or, where applicable, also unknown third parties. Fujitsu reserves the right to also use personal data in order to represent and assert the above mentioned rights if their violation or merely grounds to assume such a violation exist, which would in turn mean that these rights or property of Fujitsu or its customers, suppliers, partners or, where applicable, also unknown third parties are actually violated.

Right of withdrawal and deletion of personal information

You can withdraw your consent to collect, process and use your personal information at any time with effect to the future.

If you withdraw your consent to the storage of the personal information, the deletion of your personal information will take place if the knowledge of the personal information is not necessary anymore for the fulfillment of the purpose for the storage or if the storage of the data would be unlawfully for any other statutory reasons.

Questions about privacy policy

If you have any questions or suggestions about these explanatory notes as well as about suggestions or complaints regarding the processing of your personal information, e.g. request for correction, blocking and deletion of your personal information or your objection to their use, please contact the Fujitsu Data Protection Officer:

Notwithstanding our efforts to keep the information stored by us up-to-date and accurate, we will rectify on your request any wrong data we have stored on you.

Please note that only questions about privacy, its understanding related to this privacy statement are accepted, processed and answered with this contact form.

No questions about the products and services of Fujitsu will be answered. For this purpose please use the other information sources
for products and services offered by Fujitsu.

Validity of this privacy statement

This privacy statement becomes valid at the time of its publication on the Fujitsu websites. All previous versions of this privacy statement become invalid as of the time of publication of a new version of it.

The most current version of this privacy statement is always accessible on the homepage of this website. In the event this privacy statement is amended, you will find these changes on this website. In order to constantly give you an overview which personal information are collected by us and how we use them, we will keep available also previous versions of this privacy statement here indicating their data and version number. In addition, we will inform you on changes in due time and give you the opportunity to renew your consent to the storage and usage of your personal information.

Date: 15.10. 2014

Version: 2.0