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The Fujitsu PLAN EP QL41112 2X 10GBASE-T PCIe adapter is based on Marvell's® FastLinQ™ QL41112 HLRJ Dual Port RDMA Ethernet Network Interface Adapter. This intelligent Ethernet Network adapter uses Marvell's eights generation technology to deliver true 10Gb per second (10Gbps) Ethernet performance per port. Integrated, advanced networking eliminates I/O bottlenecks and conserves CPU cycles.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
  • Industry’s most powerful 10G Ethernet network adapter with both iWARP and RoCE RDMA
  • This Marvell(TM) FastLinQ(R) RDMA Ethernet Network Adapter PLAN EP QL41112 HLRJ delivers much better price and performance versus its predecessor PLAN EP OCe14102. 10GBASE-T connectivity options are supported with either CAT6a/7 cables for up to 100 meters cabling distance. Delivers full line-rate 10GbE performance across both ports.10G/1G Autonegotiation. Boosts host CPU efficiency with hardware offloads for GRE, NVGRE, and VXLAN tunnels. NPAR is unique to this adapter and allows network partitioning, successor to the UMC feature known from PLAN EP OCe14102 adapters.
  • Universal RDMA— iWARP and RoCE Remote Direct Memory Access
  • Delivers choice and flexibility with concurrent support for RoCE v2 and iWARP technologies. Recommended as a discrete PCIe adapter for scale-up of Fujitsu's default DynamicLoM iWARP adapter capabilities.
  • Intelligent Hardware Offload Adapter with iSCSI - iBFT
  • Increase VM density and accelerate multitenant networks with full offload for tunneling protocols. iSCSI Boot will be commercially supported once the server UEFI is implemented.
  • NPAR and General Purpose Operating System Support
  • Enables provisioning of 10GbE ports for greater deployment flexibility through switch-independent NIC partitioning, Microsoft Windows Server, VMware ESXi, SLES, and RHEL. Certified, and Microsoft Standard and Premium Qualifiers for SDDC included as well.

Technical details

Controller SiliconMarvell(R) FastLinQ(TM) QL41112 10G Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet Controller
Connector typeRJ45
Data transfer rate up to10 Gbit/s
Bus typePCIe 3.0
Bus transfer rate8GT/s
Power consumptiontyp. 16 W, max. 18 W