Awinta and Fujitsu have enjoyed a long-standing, successful collaboration, particularly in the area of server technology. This fruitful cooperation gave rise to the PalmSecure™ vein scanner project for pharmcies.

Sven Bertram, Managing Director awinta GmbH
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Awinta GmbH

To ensure the secure authentication of employees in pharmacies, awinta GmbH relies on the hygienic palm vein scan technology PalmSecure™ from Fujitsu.


With approximately 7,000 customers, awinta is the market leader for pharmacy software in the German health market. The company enables pharmacies to continue to be successful in the future. awinta’s product and service portfolio is based on customer requirements and provides pharmacies with the opportunity to make optimum use of their pharmaceutical expertise and business potential.


Awinta GmbH requires a secure authentication solution for cash register stations in pharmacies. The solution is supposed to accelerate the medication provision process and warrant the security of patient data.


The PalmSecure™ technology (detection of specific palm vein patterns) from Fujitsu is a particularly hygienic and secure biometric authentication solution, which awinta is now integrating in its software platform. Pharmacy staff using the pharmacy software can be identified quickly and easily.


  • Secure and rapid authentication at the point of sale in pharmacies through biometric palm vein detection
  • Contactless and therefore hygienic method
  • Extremely secure through detection of palm vein patterns
  • Viable technology that can also be used in other areas, e.g. access control for pharmacies

Download Full Case Study PDF

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