The high-performance server and storage hardware from Fujitsu seamlessly blends into our existing VMware en¬vironment, which allows us to implement simple, rapid, dynamic and cost-effective IT processes.

Achim Kaufmann, Team Leader IT Infrastructure Josefs-Gesellschaft gGmbH
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Josefs-Gesellschaft gGmbH has increased its IT performance with Fujitsu hardware, and simplified the organization’s administration tasks with the Fujitsu ServerView Suite software.


“The individual at the center” – Josefs-Gesellschaft gGmbH implements and prac¬tices this mission statement every single day. As a catholic charitable sponsor of in¬stitutions for people with disabilities, the group, which is headquartered in Cologne, provides competent and dedicated help for self-help. Its sponsorship activities also extend to hospitals and nursing homes


Josefs-Gesellschaft gGmbH requires a high-per-formance IT architecture to manage its processes and data. To this end, the organization planned to modernize the server and storage hardware at its head office in Cologne. The ability to integrate the new systems into the existing VMware environ-ment presented a key requirement in this context.


Josefs-Gesellschaft gGmbH installed a configuration consisting of ETERNUS and PRIMERGY hardware on the basis of the FUJITSU Integrated System “PRIMEFLEX for VMware vSphere”. All servers were integrated into the organization’s VMware vCenter using the FUJITSU ServerView Suite Integration Packs, and now feature Remote Management Controllers as well as embedded LifeCycle Management.


  • High-performance server and storage environment for simple, rapid, dynamic and cost-effective IT processes
  • Seamless integration into the existing VMware environment
  • Simplification of hardware management
  • Less pressure on IT personnel
  • Server-hardware volume cut in half, with space savings in the computer centers and simultaneous increase in performance

Download Full Case Study PDF

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