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Ebina City introduces the paperless office with Fujitsu Web Core Conference

"We were able to realize paperless offices because we had pushed forward with office automation. Without the cooperation of Fujitsu, we would not have successfully realized this objective"

Masaharu Uchino, Mayor of Ebina City

The customer

Ebina, Japan, located in the middle of the Sagami Plain, is home to over 150 factories and centers for the production of electrical appliances, metal products, and machinery. The city has an estimated population of 128,387 and a population density of 4,850 persons per km².

The challenge

Ebina City wanted to promote paperless offices as part of global warming countermeasures while strengthening security measures in order to protect citizens’ personal information. It also needed to avoid burdening employees with implementation and operation details.

The solution

The city selected the iPad, which has a long-lasting battery, intuitive operability, and quick start-up, in tandem with Fujitsu’s Web Core Conference.

The benefit

  • Introducing Web Core Conference has significantly reduced paper use, printing costs, and environmental impact
  • Turning paper materials into PDF files and managing smart devices in a way that does not leave data on the devices prevents the falsification of materials, information leakage, and loss of information
  • The use of intuitive smart devices has enabled the introduction of systems to all employees without affecting routine operations


Read the full Ebina City case study (159 KB/A4, 2 pages)