Retail Transformation - The Forgotten Shop Floor - the rise of the digital high street

For over 3 decades, Fujitsu has been providing retail technology to the UK high street. We are world-leading experts in digital transformation, and have experience delivering solutions that can streamline processes and enhance the retail customer experience.

In an effort to understand the extent to which UK retailers are embracing digital transformation and the power of new digital technology, we commissioned a research report, The Forgotten Shop Floor - the rise of the digital high street. We questioned 1,000 consumers and 1,000 staff from UK retailers with a turnover of more than £25 million on a wide range of issues; from instore technology to customer expectations.

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Watch our panel discuss the Forgotten Shop Floor report findings at Fujitsu Forum 2017

Report summary

With 97% of those retailers questioned advising that they’ve been impacted by digital disruption, there can be no doubt about the importance of retail technology to high street stores.

Digital has altered customer expectations of the retail experience, and in-store technology needs to be compelling, useful and relevant. Customers now require physical purchasing channels to reflect digital ones and will embrace those retailers able to deliver an engaging, personalised, hassle-free and seamless experience across all channels.

From cost reductions and enhancing efficiency to improving productivity and creating a more compelling customer experience, the deployment of retail technology within stores can deliver a wide range of benefits.


Report findings - retail employee experience

66 percent

advise serving customers using in-store technology multiple times a day.

50 percent

advise in-store technology saves time.

50 percent

advise in-store technology enables rapid customer issue resolution.

50 percent

advise the technology on offer is slow.

75 percent

advise they can access information faster via their personal device than in-store technology.

Report findings - customer experience

50 percent

advise that the quality of in-store technology directly affects their customer loyalty.

58 percent

advise choosing to buy an item based on the technology experience provided by the retailer.

75 percent

advise that they would trust Amazon to deliver a better in-store technology experience than existing high street retailers.

30 percent

advise in-store technology is often poor.

31 percent

advise concerns over poor staff training on the use of in-store technology.

Forgotten Shop Floor infographic

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From enhancing efficiency to improving productivity and delivering a more compelling customer experience, the successful deployment of in-store technology can deliver a range of benefits to high street retailers. Our recent research report that has gained lots of media coverage recently - "The Forgotten Shop Floor - The Rise of the Digital High Street". We questioned 1,000 consumers and 1,000 staff from major UK retailers about their experiences of in-store technology.

We learned a great deal about the factors that thrill and frustrate customers when it comes to physical retail. In this session, we will share our report findings including insights as to where in-store technology is failing to meet customer needs, the benefits of getting in-store technology right, and predictions of the future for high street stores.

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