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Fujitsu Managed Security Services - Cyber Threat Intelligence

Fujitsu Cyber Threat Intelligence is a managed security service using intelligence driven security analytics increasing the security posture of organizations. It provides customers with early warnings of potential cyber-attacks. We gather, correlate and analyze information from various sources to provide organizations with security context. We advise customers about relevant findings and help them to take proactive steps to mitigate the threats.

Fujitsu Cyber Threat Intelligence covers:

  • Threat intelligence – we monitor and gather information and intelligence
  • Analysis and reporting of emerging threats
  • Detailed malware analysis including safe execution, payload analysis and Fujitsu Threat Intelligence team recommendations for preventive measures and compensating controls
  • We provide support for implementing the recommendations or complete the actions in case the infrastructure is managed by Fujitsu


  • Continuous monitoring and proactive response increase security defenses and help protect infrastructure and services
  • Real-time expert analysis of multiple emerging and potential threats
  • Broad contextual analysis by utilizing advanced analytical techniques including honeypots, spam-traps and DNS sinkholes
  • Predictable operating costs and reduced operational expenditure