Adapt and scale fast with Multi-Cloud

Advice, infrastructure and solutions for business continuity

We realize that, due to the COVID-19 crisis, you are now facing unprecedented challenges to keep your organization doing what it does best. Even your usual priorities, like meeting customer demand and empowering your people, will now exist at a scale and pace that may be increasingly difficult to keep up with.

Fujitsu and our cloud partners are here to help ensure your organization can continue providing for its customers – and enable your operations to not only survive the most testing of times, but emerge from them stronger.

How can Multi-Cloud enable your response to change?

From fast advice and guidance to effective Platforms and Solutions, Multi-Cloud and Application Services have always been key for our customers in scaling operations, enabling the workforce and laying foundations for growth.

Meeting increased demand placed on
mission-critical services and systems through rapid additional capacity
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Supporting and scaling new ways
of working through rapid deployment of workplace solutions
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Laying the right foundations for future
growth through cloud-enabled service transformation
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We continue to support our enterprise and government customers globally, to achieve even greater agility in response to their new and current climate.

Cloud without compromise

Achieve all of your target outcomes

Rapidly achieving high service availability, an agile workforce and the foundations for growth is more crucial than ever – but to simultaneously satisfy cost, data compliance and security requirements as well, a Multi-Cloud solution is key.

We call this ‘Cloud without compromise’ – using the right cloud for each workload, application or business outcome

Service Availability

Combining cloud platforms to achieve a resilient, ‘always’ on service’ enabled by cloud-based fail-over and disaster recovery.

Agile workforce

Building, scaling and integrating workplace solutions across multiple platforms – from key providers like Microsoft, VMware and Citrix.

Future growth

Leading cloud technologies adopted quickly and with enterprise rigour – for future service transformation

Cost Optimization

Infrastructure and application hosting on the most cost-effective selection of cloud platforms – with overall cost management and optimization of your environment available.

Data Compliance

Achieving data is hosted in the necessary region or country – and that it fully complied with any specific industry regulations.


Applying the right level of security per workload – using a range of secure platforms and overarching security services.

Your Multi-Cloud

Rapid response through flexible technology choices

Amazon Web Services   Azure Expert   Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider   SAP GlobalPartner   VMWare Partner

Amazon Web Services

Fujitsu and AWS can enable you to get the most out of powerful cloud capabilities for huge capacity gains, global reach and rapid innovation – all whilst ensuring everything is connected and well-orchestrated to ensure enterprise-grade safety, control and governance.

Fujitsu Cloud Service for AWS provides enterprises with a leading hyperscale platform for hosting critical systems and driving business innovation, with Fujitsu – as a trusted AWS Managed Service Partner – ensuring rapid build, speedy on-boarding and continuous management.


Fujitsu and Microsoft can help you and your people to adapt to change and disruption fast – through an extensive ecosystem that offers support from all angles – including platforms, productivity tools, emerging technologies and devices.

Our expert teams are on-hand to help you leverage this, to achieve scalable services and a collaborative, empowered workforce. When it comes to cloud, together we can help you to combine the capabilities of Microsoft’s three major platforms – Azure, Office 365 and Dynamics – fully integrated, managed and optimized by Fujitsu as an ‘expert MSP’ partner.


Fujitsu and Oracle can assist you with adding scale, efficiency and flexibility to your existing on-premise environments, by implementing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and advanced Oracle ERP capability.

Our partnership and services are designed to deliver value fast and have been trusted for decades by enterprise and government organizations across the globe. Our experts are here to quickly develop and deploy the right solution for your changing business needs.


Fujitsu and VMware’s partnership enables you to leverage leading private and public cloud technologies, to power continuity and growth strategies forward at pace.

Whether you’re looking for the dedicated performance, resilience and control of private cloud – or the scale, innovation and burst capacity of public cloud – together we have the ideal solutions and integration services to support your business and its people.

Get started at rapid pace

We’re here to help you adapt as quickly as you need to.

Whether you’re an existing customer or need a new partner for advice and support, our Multi-Cloud & Hybrid IT experts can guide you on the steps you need to take – and get your organization moving towards the best solution in the quickest possible timeframe.

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