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Microsoft Software Licensing

Fujitsu as Microsoft Licensing Solutions Partner (LSP)

Customer Requirements

  • Understand Microsoft´s complex product licensing and how it needs to be reflected in the customer´s IT environment (on premise/cloud, hybrid scenarios)
  • Minimize legal risks and avoid under-/over licensing
  • Reduce software and support costs when negotiating Microsoft volume license agreements

Fujitsu´s Solution

Fujitsu (and its predecessor organizations) has been participating in the volume license programs of Microsoft from the very first day on when these were established. Today, Fujitsu is authorized Microsoft Licensing Solutions Partner (LSP) – formerly known as Large Account Reseller (LAR)- and Enterprise Direct Advisor (EDA)– formerly Enterprise Software Advisor (ESA) - for the region EU/EFTA*.

Building on Microsoft´s Gold Competence for Volume Licensing and on the certified know-how of our licensing team of experts our activity covers the entire Microsoft volume license program portfolio:

  • Open License and Open Value / Open Value Subscription,
  • Select Plus and its predecessor Select License,
  • Enterprise Agreements (EA) including Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS), Server & Cloud Enrolment (SCE) and Enrolment for Windows Azure (EWA)
  • Campus Agreement/ Enrolment for Education Solutions (EES).
Microsoft´s complex product licensing concepts and volume licensing programs demand extensive expertise. Also the market’s dynamism with new technologies and trends such as virtualization, cloud services and consumerization of IT as well as various software delivery models such as on-premise, in the cloud and hybrid scenarios necessitate a high level of know-how in licensing. Fujitsu addresses these issues with a comprehensive Microsoft volume licensing offering.

We act as trusted software partner to global accounts, large multinational enterprises, medium-sized companies, government organizations as well as academic institutions that take advantage of Microsoft´s volume licensing programs.

*EU = European Union; EFTA = European Free Trade Assocation (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway)

Licensing for Medium and Large Organizations

Enterprise Agreement (EA)

The Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA) is the ideal volume licensing program for medium-sized and large organizations with 250 or more qualified devices or users that want to standardize IT across the enterprise, yet retain the flexibility to purchase software and services for different types of users.

The EA now provides a seamless way to license both on-premises software and online services to best suit their user needs and help them optimize their technology spend as business priorities change.

You can choose between the three platform products:
  • Windows Enterprise Edition / Windows SA per User / Windows VDA and / or
  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus / Office 365 ProPlus and / or
  • The client access licenses Core-CAL / Enterprise CAL-Suite.
In general, the EA offers you the ideal introduction to Microsoft´s cloud services which include Office 365, Windows Intune software and services, the Windows Azure technology platform and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online.

In the case of an EA the enrolling customer has to enter in the agreement all the devices that qualify. At the same time, it is not mandatory to order all Microsoft products via the EA. Products that are not to be standardized can be added to the EA as "Additional Products" or purchased via a separate Select Plus agreement as and when required. Via an EA the customer sources perpetual licenses.

Each Enterprise Agreement enrollment has a three-year term during which the customer pays a set annual rate per license for all the products that are initially included in the EA. The same annual payment options apply for the "Additional Product" license, which was included in the agreement period at the outset. The prices are set for the agreement period, thus enabling simplified budget planning.

As a consequence of the EA the order effort is reduced to one collective order per agreement year. A further advantage is that the licensed platform products can be immediately installed on qualified devices that are added during the agreement period. The principle that applies here is - use immediately, pay later!

Software license management is simplified by company-wide standardization to Microsoft products.

An Enterprise Agreement always includes Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) for Volume Licensing, a comprehensive offering that helps you extend the value of your software investment.

Enterprise Subscription Agreement (EAS)

Enterprise Subscription programs provide similar advantages as the Enterprise Agreement. However, unlike the Enterprise Agreement Enrollments where you retain perpetual use rights for the licenses you purchase, with subscription programs you gain access to Microsoft software for as long as you maintain your subscription. At the end of the agreement there are three options: Renew agreement, buy out the licenses or de-install the software.

One big advantage of the Enterprise Agreement Subscription is the ability not only to increase but also to decrease licenses and subscription counts on an annual basis.

Server and Cloud Enrolment (SCE)

The Server & Cloud Enrolment (SCE) is an enrolment under the Enterprise Agreement. For customers that commit to standardizing broadly on Microsoft Server and Cloud technologies, SCE provides a range of benefits including new cloud-optimized licensing options, simplified license management, and the best pricing and terms. This includes discounts of up to 15 percent on Licenses with Software Assurance (L&SA) and 5 percent on Software Assurance, the best Windows Azure pricing and terms. Additional benefits such as full cloud management and unlimited support are also available.

In the SCE you can select from one or more of the available components:
  • Core Infrastructure (Windows Server & System Center)
  • Application Platform (SQL Server, BizTalk Server & SharePoint Server)
  • Developer Platform (Visual Studio)
  • Windows Azure

Microsoft Products and Services Agreement (MPSA)

The Microsoft Product and Service Agreement [MPSA] is a non-expiring* volume licensing agreement, which forms the contractual platform for the transactional purchase of volume licenses and Online Services.

From March 1st, 2015 MPSA is available for corporate accounts as well as for government and academic organizations.

Customers can use an MPSA to choose how they would like to purchase Microsoft technology – as licenses for their own operations or as service in the Microsoft Cloud. The licenses and Online Services are procured via so-called purchasing accounts (PA), which are registered by the customer via the MPSA. Commercial, government and academic are all supported Purchasing Account types within a single MPSA.

For corporate customers MPSA offers tiered pricing based on the customer's consolidated purchase volume of the customers organization – including the purchase of their affiliates. For government customers the price level is by default level D, for Academic institutions the price level is by default level A. Software Assurance (SA) can also be ordered optional in this volume licensing program.

MPSA is exclusively available via Microsoft Licensing Solution Partners [LSPs]. Fujitsu has been an authorized LSP partner from Microsoft for many years. [Formerly known as LAR].

* For government and academic customers there is the option to set an Offer End Date to the MPSA agreement.

Licensing for Medium and Large Organizations

Select Plus

Select Plus is a transactional volume licensing program from Microsoft for medium-sized and large organizations with 250 client computing devices and more that also have mixed software requirements. Transactional means you order licenses as and when required. In other words, unlike the Enterprise Agreement, Select Plus does not require standardization.

Select Plus has a non-expiring agreement term that offers organizations a constant contractual basis for the procurement of the software they require.

This type of agreement provides you with the option of putting the worldwide purchase of software for your organization and its affiliates together in one central agreement. As a result, you can bundle the purchasing volume and realize price advantages. Regardless of that, Select Plus offers you a decentralized procurement option.

A minimum order quantity of 500 points per product pool (server, application and system) is necessary in each year of the agreement. The price level can be further improved by achieving specific point scores.

Select Plus offers you the option to include Software Assurance (SA) with your software purchases.

Microsoft announced the end of Select Plus on July 17, 2014.

  • It is still possible to sign new Select Plus agreements by June 30, 2015 at the latest.
  • The last order in a Select Plus agreement can be submitted on June 30, 2016.
  • On July 1, 2016 the new volume licensing program called Microsoft Products & Services Agreement (MPSA), replaces the predecessor and transactional orders can only be placed via the Microsoft Products & Services Agreement

Licensing for Small and Medium Organizations

Microsoft Open Programs Overview

If you are a small or medium organization with fewer than 250 client computing devices which is looking for a cost-effective way to purchase software licenses then you should consider Microsoft Open Programs. The Open programs are a convenient and simple way for organizations to acquire the latest Microsoft technology. They also give you access to Microsoft´s cloud services.

The Microsoft Open programs target corporate, academic, charity, and government organizations that want to make a minimum initial purchase of five software licenses. With features such as a customizable platform and volume discounts for minimal up-front purchases, Open programs give you value and flexibility in a convenient Microsoft Volume Licensing program.

Open programs provide the following options to acquire software licenses:
  • Open License
  • Open Value (company-wide option / non-company-wide option)
  • Open Value Subscription

Open License

An Open License Agreement is a good choice for customers with a minimum initial purchase of only five software licenses who prefer a pay-as-you-go model. During the two-year agreement term, it is possible to acquire additional software licenses through Open License in any quantity at any time. Online Services such as Office 365 do not have a minimum order requirement. Software Assurance purchase is optional with Open License and can be acquired at the time of the license purchase.

Open License also offers a volume discount with an additional price break for larger purchases. It targets commercial customers who can meet minimum purchase levels using a system of product pools and points. With an entry minimum of 500 points from a single product pool, this program offers deeper discounts for a greater savings. Online Services purchases will count toward volume price levels.

Qualified government organizations are eligible for special government pricing with Open License for Government.

Open Value

The Open Value program is a flexible and affordable way to use and manage Microsoft licensed products under a single agreement. The program is a three-year term commitment that includes Software Assurance as a fixed benefit. The Open Value program has the following three options from which to choose.

Company-wide Option (5 Qualified Devices Minimum)
Open Value Company-wide offers commercial and government organizations additional savings when they standardize all of their client computing devices on one or more Microsoft enterprise products. With this single platform option, you can customize your client computing devices by choosing separate components, including the desktop operating system, Microsoft Office suites, and CAL suites, plus additional software products selected in your agreement that include the following platform product options:

  • Windows Enterprise Edition
  • Microsoft Office suite: Microsoft Office Professional Plus/ Office 365 ProPlus
  • CAL suites: Microsoft Core CAL Suite and Enterprise CAL Suite
The Open Value Company-wide option includes discounts on company (organization)-wide deployment.

Non–Company-wide Option (5 Qualified Devices Minimum)
If you need licenses for servers or for a limited number of client computing devices, you can open a Non–Company-wide Agreement for any product license purchases.

Open Value Subscription (5 Qualified Devices Minimum)
Open Value Subscription offers flexible annual payments tied to the number of client computing devices you have.

Open Value Subscription is the ideal choice for customers who want to subscribe to, rather than acquire, Microsoft product licenses. Available in select countries or regions, Microsoft Open Value Subscription provides the lowest up-front costs of the Open Programs with the flexibility to reduce their total licensing costs in years when their client computing devices count declines.

Like the Company-wide option, the Subscription option offers the Single-Platform option to standardize client computing devices software across your organization with a customizable platform that allows you to mix and match components.

Platform Option
With both Open Value Company-wide and Open Value Subscription, you can choose to standardize client computing device licensed products across your organization on all three components on the platform (desktop operating systems, Microsoft Office suites, and CAL suites) and receive additional savings. The platform option provides the simplest way to manage client computing devices licenses because you do not need to track which version is installed on which client.

Qualified government organizations are eligible for special government pricing with Open Value for Government.

Licensing for Academic Organizations

With the Volume Licensing programs for institutions of research and teaching, teachers and student get Microsoft software at special price and can thus integrate technology effectively.

Qualifying academic institutions can choose between “transactional” licensing models with the purchase of perpetual licenses (i.e. the organization owns the license) and “subscription” Volume Licensing programs. Which licensing model meets the needs of your facility best decide both, the size of your organization as well as the manner in which you would like to obtain software.

Transactional Volume Licensing programs for qualifying education customers include Microsoft Open License for Academic and Microsoft Select Plus for Academic. If you prefer a subscription-based licensing program you can choose between the Enrollment for Education Solutions and the School Enrollment depending on your requirements.

Licensing for small and medium academic institutions:

Open License for Academic
You can enter an Academic for Open License Agreement with a minimum order of 5 licenses. Open License Agreements have an agreement term of 24 months. The perpetual licenses can be bought with or without Software Assurance. The payment of the licenses takes place upfront. There are two price levels available based on the volume per pool.

Open Value Subscription – Education Solutions (OVS-ES)
Qualifying customers with as few as five full-time equivalent (FTE) employees or students can license through signing the simplified Open Value Subscription Agreement for Education Solutions (OVS-ES) OVS-ES is a subscription* based agreement. This agreement offers two price levels which depend on the FTE (Full Time Employees) count. Agreement term can be 12 months or 36months. In the program you need to standardize at least one Desktop Platform Products enterprise wide. Additional Products can be bought in the quantity you need.

*= Subscription = a non-perpetual license, like a rental agreement, the organization can only use the software throughout the term of the Volume Licensing agreement.

Licensing for medium and large academic institutions:

Microsoft for Products and Services for Academic
MPSA for academic institutions is a transactional volume licensing program. By default the MPSA agreement is a non-expiring agreement but academic institutions have the option to set an agreement end date.
It is created for midsize and large education customers with more than 250 users. The academic institution can use an MPSA to choose how they would like to purchase Microsoft technology – as licenses for their own operations or as service in the Microsoft Cloud. The licenses and Online Services are procured via so-called purchasing accounts (PA) which are registered by the customer via the MPSA. Commercial, government and academic are all supported Purchasing Account types within a single MPSA. MPSA Academic has by default price level A requiring a minimum revenue of 500 points per product pool and year. Software Assurance (SA) can also be ordered as an option in this volume licensing program.

Select Plus for Academic
Select Plus for Academic is for midsize and large education customers or aggregate groups (such as educational consortia) that want to purchase their software licenses and services at the affiliate level—such as site or department—yet have the same advantages that come from purchasing as a single institution. Select Plus for Academic offers qualifying customers the advantages of a non-expiring agreement and the flexibility to acquire licenses as needed. The perpetual licenses in Select Plus for Academic can be bought with or without Software Assurance. This agreement is aimed for institutions with 250+ client computing devices. A 500 point purchase per year per chosen product pool is required.

School Enrollment is for K-12 primary/secondary schools and preschools and makes it easy to license all of a school’s eligible PCs by counting them just once per year. School Enrollment requires an institution-wide commitment for any application, system, and Client Access License (CAL) products selected. To that end, you must include all of the eligible client computing devices in the participating school(s) or district. You can choose within the School Agreement, if you would like to run a 12 months or 36 months agreement term. To enter a School agreement, an initial order of 300 units is necessary. In School Agreement 2 price levels are available.

Enrollment for Education Solution (EES)
The Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) provides subscription licensing for qualifying primary/secondary and higher education institutions. EES offers the simplicity of licensing desktop platform products organization-wide. Minimum 1,000 FTE (Full Time Employees) are needed to enter this subscription based agreement. It offers the simplicity of counting FTEs and the flexibility to order additional product in any quantity as needed. In EES 4 price levels are available, which depend on the FTE count. The agreement term can be 12 months or 36months.

Microsoft Software Assurance (SA) for Volume Licensing Programs is a comprehensive offering that helps you to extend the value of your software investment.

With Software Assurance, you get access to the latest software updates during the agreement term and other important resources and tools to help your organization deploy, manage, and migrate software. Examples include support, deployment planning services, user and technical training, access to exclusive products (e.g. Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack) and extended use rights.

Eligibility for individual Software Assurance benefits may vary depending on your Volume Licensing agreement type, the SA investment, the products covered with SA and/or geography.