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ETERNUS CD10000 S2 is a hyperscale, software-defined storage system designed to manage vast amounts of data. A configuration can start small and grow in line with the business. The architecture allows individual storage nodes to be added, exchanged and upgraded without downtime. Fujitsu integrates open source Ceph software in a complete and fully supported solution.

Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Open standards at enterprise-class service levels

    • Dramatic reduction of integration costs and risks
    • Seamless management for Ceph and the entire system hardware
    • Consistent lifecycle management reduces maintenance workloads
    • One support partner mitigates operational risks
    Unlimited scalability of capacity and performance

      • Scalability on demand reduces investment in unused capacity
      • Standard storage nodes balance speed, costs and space
      • Constant high performance for maintaining service levels
      • Supporting all data formats enables high consolidation results
      Zero downtime architecture

        • Uninterrupted operations ensure access to data at any time
        • Minimum tuning required – always the right service level
        • No downtime for maintenance tasks or system enhancements
        Immortal system

          • Three times extended lifecycle compared to conventional systems
          • Stable and consistent service levels
          • Dramatic migration cost savings
          Extremely low total cost of ownership (TCO)

            • Cost savings for evaluation, implementation and operations
            • Predictable costs even in light of unpredictable growth
            • Lower TCO per gigabyte than conventional high-capacity systems

            Technical details

            TypeHyper-scale storage
            Storage managementFujitsu's GUI management console
            Host connectivity optionsCEPH Object, CEPH block device
            Max. no. of storage nodes500
            Storage node typesFlex Nodes
            Max. throughput1 GB/s including all redundant data copies
            Application interfacesKVM, Swift, S3, CephFS (on special release request), OpenStack

            Case Studies

            • Germany , Industry: IT Industry
              DARZ gains from Hyperscale storage system ETERNUS CD10000, to provide highly efficient offerings on Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange (DBCE) marketplace

              The Darmstädter Rechenzentrum (Darmstadt Data Center, DARZ) is based in the most secure place in the German state of Hesse – the former vaults of the state’s central bank. Its foundations were used to build what is now a 2,400 square meter, high-security, eco-friendly data center.Tags: Data Center , Storage Solutions

            • Japan , Industry: IT Industry
              NIFTY Corporation reduces costs and operation workload of large scale Cloud storage with ETERNUS CD10000

              Nifty Corporation has been pioneering in the internet community. It started the ‘Nifty cloud object storage’ service in June 2016 providing unlimited capacity and five Japanese yen per GB to respond to IoT demands. ‘Nifty cloud object storage’ provides a low cost service by having the Nifty account.Tags: Cloud Solutions , Fujitsu Cloud

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            Press Release

            • Helsinki,29.10.2014
              Fujitsun tallennusuutuus pitää petatavut hallinnassa

              Tallennustilan rajallisuuden voi unohtaa, sillä ETERNUS CD10000 kasvaa aina tarpeen nykyhetkestä hamaan tulevaisuuteen.

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