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  7. Sisältää ohjaimet kuten AirCommand ja SpaceMouse


Sisältää ohjaimet kuten AirCommand ja SpaceMouse

Wireless Presenter R400 Presenter R400

The Wireless Presenter R400 is designed with optimum usability in mind. A sleek, ergonomic shape is paired with easily locatable contoured buttons and a 15 meter wireless range for complete freedom of movement. This highly intuitive device also boasts an integrated laser pointer for maximum comfort and control during your presentations.

SpaceMouse™ Pro SpaceMouse™ Pro

Using the SpaceMouse™ Pro 3D mouse to navigate 3D models or environments is as simple as holding them in your hand. A slight movement of the controller cap delivers easy and precise control. SpaceMouse™ Pro is a companion to the traditional mouse and is operated with the free hand. Your traditional mouse hand is free to select, create and edit.