Demonstration Center

The demonstration center is at the heart of the exhibition area and showcases the best of Fujitsu's innovative technology, solutions and services. The area is divided into zones to enable you to find what you're looking for more easily. You will also find solutions from our partners in the exhibition area.

We have examples of how technology can improve business efficiency and help you to digitalise, demos of services specifically tailored for different business sectors, biometric security, and a co-creation area to show you how we can work together to innovate and solve business challenges.
Democenter 1Demo center 2 floor

Connect iT Bar

Our experienced engineers will be available throughout the day at the Connect IT Bar to deliver a personalised service that will help give you guidance on resolving any IT or technical issue you may be facing. The result – a more productive day with a fully working device!

Feel free to drop in anytime throughout the day to speak to our dedicated engineers.
And if you don’t have any issues, please still feel free to drop by to learn more and take advantage of our multiple charging points and charge up your device at the same time.

Digital Business Solutions

  • Digital Annealer
  • FA│R
  • Deep Learning Unit 
  • Blockchain
  • Virtual Reality
  • Intelligent Automation: RPA, AI and Chatbots
  • Globe Ranger
  • Tactical IoT
  • Intelliedge
  • Loss prevention/Fraud Detection

Cyber Security

  • PalmSecure
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Advanced Threat Center

Applications and Cloud Transformation

  • Hybrid IT: Multicloud and Datacenter, Secure cloud, Smart Networks
  • Intelligent Enterprise: CaseM, Warehouse demo, Integrated Business Planning -demo
  • Intelligent Enterprise with SAP
  • SAP on Cloud
  • SharePoint Online
  • Extended Content Management
  • Digital Performance Management

Future Workplace and Hybrid Services

  • Digital Workplace Services
  • Smart Office
  • ServiceNow
  • Clean Desk
  • New Lifebooks and workstations
  • M365 and Evergreen
  • Lifecycle Management Services
  • Global On-Site services

Consulting and Professional Services

  • DTC, Digital Transformation Center, Fujitsu Co-creation

Industry Solutions

Digital Supply Chain,Intelligent Enterprise with SAP

Retail /
Tomorrow's Shop Floor:
- Biometric Security
- Interactive Window
- Total Managed Store
- Mobile Scan and Pay
- Retail Engagement Analytics
- RFID Scan and Pay
- Age Verification
- AI Fraud Detection

Public Sector and Healthcare:

- Single Secure Desktop
- mAltti
- CRM for City
- Walking Monitoring
- Sholark
- Safe Shared Desk