Visit our Demonstration Center

From the latest data center solutions and end user devices through to the latest service-led multi-cloud and industry-specific solutions, the Demonstration Center at Fujitsu Forum 2019 has something for everyone. Located at the heart of Fujitsu Forum, this is your opportunity to experience the very latest innovations from Fujitsu and our global partner ecosystem.

As a special feature this year, we will also feature a mini-version of our Digital Transformation Centers, now operational in Munich, London, New York and Tokyo, to enable our guests to sample Fujitsu’s unique co-creation methodology – Human Centric Experience Design – at first hand.

The Center will include areas focused on digital innovation in key industry sectors, including manufacturing, retail, mobility, financial services and public sector. In addition, we will showcase a truly end-to-end services portfolio, from multi-cloud and digital workplace through to enterprise applications, cyber security and global service delivery. And, as always, you will also find the very latest product innovations, from the latest flexible, lightweight client devices through to the most powerful and efficient servers and storage solutions.

Please plan your Fujitsu Forum agenda to ensure you have plenty of time to enjoy this insightful and inspiring experience. Discuss your specific challenges with expert demonstrators, from both Fujitsu and our global partners, and let us help shape your plans for 2020 and beyond.

Co-creation in Digital Transformation Centers

Fujitsu supports the digital transformation journeys of its customers by co-creating in Digital Transformation Centers (DTC) where business experts from customers together with technology experts from Fujitsu address specific business challenges leading to the development of concepts and practical next steps for their rapid implementation.

The exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2019 will include:

  • A pop-up DTC will replicate key elements of the real DTCs in Munich, London, Tokyo, New York, and Sydney.
  • Customers can participate in pre-booked intensive, tailored taster workshops addressing their business challenges. These workshops make use of Fujitsu’s Human Centric Experience Design (Fujitsu HXD) methodology and tools developed specifically for digital transformation projects. They are proven in hundreds of customer engagements in Japan and across the world.
  • On 75-inch touch screens the trajectory of thought is demonstrated. Participants’ ideas are tracked and can be re-arranged to inspire new outcomes.
Financial Services


Realize flexible Manufacturing with adaptable solutions

Imagine a manufacturing company that would like to add greater flexibility to its end to end production process. By doing so they could react faster to rapidly changing demands and cater for variable lot sizes. An Engineering-to-Order solution as well as a seamless connection of sales data to the shop floor could become important elements in addressing these challenges. Having visibility of production status from the entire factory view down to individual machine level would also be key. In addition, this company would like to maximize throughput and machine utilization with digital assistance systems. These systems would help respond to the need for increasingly customized and individualized production, while AI-driven and highly automated quality assurance processes replace the human eye.

If that sounds familiar to you, please join us at this year's Fujitsu Forum where we will demonstrate:


Production Planning

  • Perform In-Memory Planning and Finite Scheduling with real-time Graphical Visibility based on Glovia Production Planning

Condition-based Monitoring

  • Achieve a comprehensive and transparent view of the production status on a factory level with our Intelligent Dashboard

Digital Assistance Systems

  • Best practice by collecting, optimizing, and visualizing factory data to support in predicting impacts on customer manufacturing with Colmina
  • Increase utilisation and throughput of robots and machines using quantum inspired computing (Digital Annealer)
  • Reduce unplanned downtimes and increase production quality by using our E2E production line wide run-time optimisation and AI-driven error detection

Quality Management

  • Replace manual quality inspections by automated AI-driven processes with Fujitsu's Advanced Image Recognition (FAIR)

Business Process Innovation

  • Benefit from an Engineering-to-Order solution built on the SAP Cloud Platform
  • Automate workflows using Robotic Process Automation as well as applying Fujitsu's RunMyProcess platform

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Fujitsu - Future Mobility Accelerator

The future of mobility is being driven by emerging customer needs and innovative technology. We invite you to co-create the future of mobility with us. Together we can create new perspectives on mobility that will balance environmental challenges with the reality of modern urban life for the benefit of our society.

At Fujitsu Forum, we are delighted to launch our Future Mobility Accelerator, where solutions from our automotive, transportation and utilities sectors are merged to reflect the pace of change in the mobility market. We look forward to welcoming you to the Demonstration Center to join our hands-on demonstrations of connected services and to experience our 3D future mobility experience.

The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2019 include:

  • Seamless identification with PalmVein and FIDO, a safe and simple human-service interface
  • Mobility as a Service – saving costs and helping the environment through traffic optimization with Digital Annealer
  • Autonomous driving – real time processing platform services with Dracena
  • OTA (Over the Air) – the most secure update service for vehicle management
  • Maritime traffic management – with AI-based proactive risk detection
  • Optimization for Mobile Network Investment – 5G

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Connected Retail

What is Connected Retail about?

The key business outcome for any retail operation is – the sale to the customer. A happy customer will come back to both store and website to make additional purchases because the retailer has provided a rich experience that responds to their individual needs.

An experience they can trust.

Fujitsu’s mission is to connect everything so those sales get made (over and over): The supply chain and back-office constantly connect to the warehouse to the store to the customer’s buying intention.

This is Connected Retail.

We will transform the entire operational landscape making it easy to move products to ensure they are in the right place at the right time (physically or virtually) so they are always available for purchase.

To achieve that outcome (the sale) we need to deliver optimal efficiency, performance, store associate capabilities and knowledge, a great in store and online experience. That takes innovative tech in store, across the supply chain, in the back-office, and out on the web, so we are always tuned in to customers’ retail desires.

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Financial Services

Are your financial services IT solutions agile enough to elevate your customer experience?

Financial Services Companies need to become more agile in order to fulfill their customers’ daily needs.

At Fujitsu, we have worked together with financial services organizations since over 45 years, exchanging perspectives, vision, and co-creation solutions and services in a high innovative manner to support banks and insurers changing to data and technology driven agile organizations with a strong customer focus.

Interested in finding out more? Visit us onsite to discover how we can transform the future of your business uniquely with digital solutions to meet our financial services customers’ specific needs.

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Public Sector

Networking plays a decisive role in digital transformation. In the public sector, it changes and links administrative processes, business models, communication channels between citizens and administration and much more. Fujitsu responded early to the complex changes and developed a networked solution concept that precisely addresses the new challenges: Connected Services: Innovative Smart City concepts control and optimize, for example, traffic flows and energy supply in cities and rural regions in a sustainable and intelligent way. Portals for the public education sector integrate a wide variety of digital educational content seamlessly and securely and improve media availability for pupils and teachers. Smart Police solutions make it easier for police authorities, for example, to access evidence and thus contribute to successful investigations.

Public Sector

Fujitsu's Connected Services approach aims at providing customers with holistic advice and collaborative initiatives to develop integrated, individually tailored, up-to-date, industry-specific and networked services and solutions.

The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2019 include:

  • Smart City
  • Smart Police
  • Education

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Offerings Marketing – Services

Enterprise Applications

Applications reside at the core of every organization and are enablers for digital transformation. They are essential business systems that increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and can enable digital growth.

Business models, customer demands, and the competitive landscape are all undergoing significant change, requiring application leaders to rethink their application strategy.

Come visit the enterprise applications demo area and experience how we can co-create your unique journey to digital transformation with ServiceNow, Oracle and SAP.

Enterprise Applications

Fujitsu ServiceNow

Fujitsu are helping organisations around the world accelerate their digital journey with confidence and less risk – helping them reap the benefits of end-to-end digital transformation.

Service Management evolution is a key piece of this digital jigsaw. As a Global Elite Partner of ServiceNow we streamline service management processes across the enterprise.

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Fujitsu Oracle

Simplify your journey to Oracle Cloud

Today’s market is full of new challenges. Both customers and employees have rising expectations and growing demands. Change happens rapidly, and to survive, you need the agility to react quickly. Fujitsu has deep expertise in both Oracle and Cloud services and can help you plan your future with cloud including ROI analysis and a cloud roadmap.

Join us and learn how we can design and implement the ideal secure Oracle environment for your needs, migrate your Oracle workloads to cloud with automation to reduce time and risk and provide on-going managed services for both your OCI cloud and your Oracle applications.

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Fujitsu SAP

Shaping your digital journey to success with SAP

Delivering digital transformation is a challenge many organizations are facing. It is complex, and involves aligning technology functions with business functions, integrating new technologies with old technologies, and delivering innovation in places that are uncomfortable with taking on risk. Discover how Fujitsu can help you unlock the value of your SAP application portfolio.

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Digital Workplace

As employees demand to be more autonomous, entrepreneurial and free from the constraints of traditional working hours, you need to understand how to create a compelling employee experience that enables and supports them. Plus, how you recruit and unlock talent and creativity within your business is going to be vital to maintaining a competitive advantage.

With an engaged workforce as the backbone of your business, you’ll be able to deliver an outstanding customer experience and exploit the latest technologies with creative freedom. Together, they’ll support you in your ambition to deliver growth within the business today and transform the business tomorrow.

The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2019 include:

  • Workplace Consulting/ Workplace assessment
  • Workplace Anywhere – the way into the cloud and the Evergreen approach
  • virtual Desktops from FJ Cloud - vDaaS
  • Demo of Citrix intelligent Workspace
  • Demo of VMware Workspace One
  • Productivity Suite and the Evergreen approach
  • Palm vein
  • Buddy Connect - Employee wellbeing
  • Fujitsu Service Desk
  • Selfoss and GPMO
  • On site Services and analytics

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Hybrid IT & Multi-Cloud

To compete and thrive in the era of rapid digital disruption, you need to become a highly Connected, Intelligent & Transformed organization. Accelerating your Multi-Cloud adoption with a Hybrid IT model is crucial for success.

Visit the Hybrid IT & Multi-Cloud exhibition to discover our market leading insights, solutions and partnerships to power your organization forward at pace. Highlights include:

  • Your Multi-Cloud – how to combine cutting-edge cloud services and technologies.
  • Multi-Cloud Management & security – how to achieve a seamless and safe cloud ecosystem.
  • Cloud Solutions – how to transform infrastructure, applications and service in the cloud.
  • AWS, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud & VMware – how to maximize the leading platforms.

You can even get a flavor of Your Multi-Cloud at our ice-cream bar! Combine the colors and enjoy…

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Enterprise & Cyber Security

The need for Digital Transformation is causing businesses to turn to cloud computing, the internet of things and other new technologies to gain competitive advantages. But whilst these developments bring advantages they also increase the potential cyber-attack surface and the need for greater focus on data protection and compliance requirements.

At Fujitsu we can help you safeguard your organization’s assets and data against cyber-crime and help strengthen your resilience against cyber-attacks. With our intelligence-led approach to cyber security, we offer a new way to understand and respond to threats. With our help, you can keep ahead of any external developments that might impact your business’s reputation and bottom line.

The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2019 include:

  • SOC in a Box (Security Operation Center) – Demonstrating our Managed Security Services, from Passive Threat Assessments and Threat Intelligence and Analytics capabilities to our new Security Orchestration Automated Response capability.
  • Identity and Access Management and Privileged Access Management Services
  • Multi-cloud Security Services.

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Global Service Delivery Unit

The global economy never sleeps. Nor do those businesses that drive it. Our “always on” World requires true 365/24/7 support; support that’s secure, reliable, cost-effective, and speaks your language. In the IT industry, global delivery has been key to achieving this for several years. It has its strengths and weaknesses in terms of the services provided. But imagine if the power of global delivery services could be truly, seamlessly connected. Fujitsu’s Global Service Delivery Unit does just that.

Through our Global Service Delivery Unit we connect our customers with a huge range of scalable, end-to-end services – with no compromises. Connecting 100 countries, we’re global and local – the best of both worlds. And – with 40 languages spoken – you are sure to be understood.

Global Service Delivery Unit

The main exhibit at Fujitsu Forum 2019 includes:

Virtual Reality Experience:

  • Immersive display of Fujitsu’s Global Service Delivery Unit;
  • Demonstration of Fujitsu’s Global Service Delivery Model, and its cohesive and integrated capability;
  • Demonstration of how truly global we are in the way we think, feel and act.

Offerings Marketing – Products

Client Computing Devices

As one of the broadest client computer devices portfolios in the world, Fujitsu offers everything for corporate success and maximum efficiency in working life. Benefit from an agile, technology-driven and safe working landscape that meets your needs and adds value to your successful business.

The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2019 include:

  • LIFEBOOK U939X - lightest and smallest Convertible with all-day battery life and privacy security features
  • FUJITSU PC ESPRIMO G558 - All-in-one-scenario with FUJITSU Display P24-9 TE
  • Thin Client Solutions - Highly secure biometric enrolment options based on the unique hand vein pattern
  • Future Desk Scenarios with diverse Clean Desk Variations
  • INTELLIEDGE Showcase - Edge Computing Gateway for real-time communication and protecting confidential data
  • FUJITSU Workstations CELSIUS M770 and CELSIUS C780

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Data Center Systems

From the core to the cloud: Hybrid IT

The world is going hybrid. Running a Hybrid IT approach can deliver high flexibility when using IT resources. However, a mix of on-premises IT with several external cloud services can lead to new issues stemming from heterogeneous IT management approaches and business complexities like cost control and internal IT back-charging processes. The starting point for hybrid IT is the creation of a software-defined architecture. Fujitsu combines its servers, storage and network technologies from its own development or from technology partners like Extreme Networks and Broadcom to meet this challenge.

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PRIMEFLEX Integrated Systems

Fujitsu offers this solution as a customized package with a project-specific integration of all components, or as integrated systems known as Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX. With PRIMEFLEX, Fujitsu provides a broad range of pre-defined, pre-integrated and pre-tested systems that reduce risk, shorten time to value, increase operational efficiency and drive down cost of data center operations. PRIMEFLEX covers key usage scenarios like virtualization, cloud and hybrid IT deployments.

The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2019 include:

  • ZINRAI Deep Learning System powered by DLU™ - Gain deep insights faster and more efficiently
  • HCI for core and edge based on reference architectures and appliances based on VMware, Microsoft, Nutanix
  • Hybrid IT enabled converged and hyper-converged infrastructures for SAP HANA and attractive supplementing services

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Managing the Data Center

A software-defined data center makes the provisioning of IT resources like compute power, storage capacities and network connections extremely agile. Nevertheless it does not relieve IT administrators from monitoring, operating and updating hardware instances. The FUJITSU Infrastructure Manager (ISM) is an efficient end-to-end tool that helps boost administration productivity. The ISM is an integral part of many PRIMEFLEX solutions.

The Enterprise Service Catalog Manager (ESCM) helps organizations easily transform existing on-premises IT resources into an “as a Service” model, and to integrate these with third-party cloud services. A service catalog on a marketplace (resembling an app store) enables users to access and consume all services in a Hybrid IT environment in a consistent way.

Data Center

Fujitsu x86 Servers

No matter how you want to make your organization more digital, no matter size your business has – large enterprise with multiple sites, or a small or medium-sized company with limited space and budget – with the right choice of server, your IT can become the business enabler you’ve always wanted it to be. Our PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers will take your IT backend to the next generation, equipping you for whatever challenge the future brings.

The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2019 include:


The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2019 include:

  • New management strategy for modern data centers (ISM)
  • Management for multiple clouds and on-premises environments (ESCM)

Every IT infrastructure, whether used on-premise or off-premise, needs a solid foundation. Therefore Fujitsu has its own servers and storage systems in its portfolio.

Enterprise Platform Services – Mainframe competence

Highly reliable Mainframe technology forms for many customers the backbone of their overall IT environment and is used as an enabling technology for their digital transformation.

Fujitsu offers a comprehensive portfolio of innovative Enterprise Hardware and Software Infrastructure as well as Services incl. Third Party Mainframe Services and Data Center Management and Automation Solutions. We support customer requests for digital transformation and can converge various mainframe technologies where requested.

Fujitsu invests in continuous adaption of modern interfaces to interconnected micro services, ensuring that the mainframe will remain as the highly secure mission critical part in a modern world with cloud, edge computing, SI, Blockchain, Big Data Management, DevOps and DCMA. Fujitsu also established the “Fujitsu Academy” in order to promote learning among IT specialists at all levels.

The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2019 include:

  • BS2000 highlight: new introduced BS2000 SE Infrastructure SE710 and SE310
  • BS2000 highlight: new founded department “BS2000 Co-Creation projects”
  • TPS highlight: the new offering Fujitsu Enterprise PostgreSQL supporting Enterprise Platforms
  • DCMA highlight: Self Driving Data Center solutions

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Enterprise Platform Services

Storage Solutions

In our digital world data is the beating heart of business operations, imagine you can afford the very best in storage – whatever the size of your business. Imagine storage technology that supports growing volumes of digital business data no matter if it sits at the edge, within the core or up in the clouds – all at non-stop, secure access. Imagine storage systems that can leverage the new economics and efficiencies of flash technologies. Imagine automated backup and archiving solutions protecting your business data against system failures and ransomware whilst reducing the costs and efforts for data protection.

Come to our booth at the Fujitsu Forum 2019, open your eyes and recognize how imagination becomes reality: Transform your storage landscape into a genuine enabler for digital business growth, efficiency and continuity.

The main exhibits at Fujitsu Forum 2019 include:

  • Our refreshed ETERNUS primary storage portfolio
  • Data Protection solutions for a digital world.

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