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  6. Fujitsu Estonia awards student of Tallinn University of Technology a 1,300 euro scholarship

Fujitsu Estonia awards student of Tallinn University of Technology a 1,300 euro scholarship

The grant holder: Cyber-hygiene must be taught from an early age

Tallinn, 09 June, 2017 Fujitsu Estonia has awarded a scholarship worth 1,300 euros and a visit to the Fujitsu Forum 2017 in Munich in cooperation with the Tallinn University of Technology Development Fund. The scholarship was won by Eva Maria Veitmaa, a Bachelor’s student in information technology at the TUT.

Fujitsu Estonia awards student of Tallinn University of Technology a 1,300 euro scholarship

From the left: Marek Sokk Fujitsu, Elery Ulmova Fujitsu, Eva Maria Veitmaa, Ülle Kivirähk Fujitsu, Gert Jervan TUT Professor, Dean.

Elery Ulmova, head of Human Resources at Fujitsu Estonia says that ‘Fujitsu Estonia as a leading software developer has set itself the goal of supporting successful information technology students. We will help them to concentrate on their studies and increase the breadth of their knowledge at conferences and courses which are organised by the university. We have been supporting scholarship awards for some time, as well as competitions for ICT-related final papers, but a scholarship named after our company is now being awarded for the first time. Fujitsu is very happy with the preparations being made by IT students at the Tallinn University of Technology. We would like to make a more extensive contribution to our process of cooperation with the university.’
‘The awarding of the Fujitsu Estonia scholarship will increase student awareness of our company within universities, and will attract the best students when it comes to spending their internships with us and working for us. We select our interns and employees very carefully. Any student who has come to work for us in the last few years has been hard-working and dedicated, and has developed very rapidly. Last year, we had six interns working in our software department and all of them were subsequently employed by the company. Fujitsu has grown in average close to 10% in the last seven years, and this year we are employing 330,’ Ulmova adds.
Eva Maria Veitmaa discusses using the scholarship: ‘Next summer, I will be attending an IT-related course which focuses on the development of mobile applications in Poland in order to complement my current areas of knowledge. Part of the scholarship will be used to cover participation fees and travel expenses. The acknowledgement by Fujitsu Estonia means a lot to IT students, as does the fact that the company is awarding a scholarship in their name.’
When it comes to the current situation in the field of IT solutions in Estonia, Veitmaa deems the e-residency programme to be a success. Out of the most interesting of the applications, Veitmaa highlights TalTechDigital, the strategic digital reform of the TUT which was announced at the beginning of June, and which will not only change the way in which students study but also the way in which teaching is handled both at the TUT and in a more extensive scope.
According to Eva Maria Veitmaa, today’s internet users should pay attention to their cyber-hygiene: ‘We can often spot deficiencies when it comes to security. People don’t seem to acknowledge just how easy it is to fall victim to a crime over the internet these days, and the fact that every operation they carry out will leave a trace. Cyber-hygiene should be taught from an early age.’
This spring, Eva Maria Veitmaa is serving as an assistant lecturer for the main Java course at the TUT. She has worked as a marketing manager for the Microsoft User Group and been the main organiser of the ‘Geeks on Wheels’ tour, which promotes information science.
The Fujitsu Estonia scholarship
The scholarship being offered by AS Fujitsu Estonia has been designed especially for successful Bachelor’s students in information technology at the Tallinn University of Technology. These are students who have matriculated at the TUT and are who not on academic leave at the time at which the application is submitted, who study full time, have earned at least ninety credit points by the time of the application submission, have no student loan arrears, and who would like to be employed in their speciality field in the future. The scholarship candidates have the opportunity to take part in an internship at AS Fujitsu, and the grant holders get to participate in the company’s conferences this year, at the Fujitsu forum in Munich.

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Elery Ulmova, Head of Human Resources of Fujitsu Estonia


Fujitsu on johtava japanilainen ict-yritys, joka tarjoaa laajan valikoiman teknologiatuotteita sekä ict-ratkaisuja ja -palveluja. Noin 140 000 fujitsulaista palvelee asiakkaita yli sadassa maassa. Hyödynnämme kokemustamme ja ict:n mahdollisuuksia muokataksemme tulevaisuutta yhdessä asiakkaidemme kanssa. Fujitsun liikevaihto oli 4,1 triljoonaa jeniä (39 miljardia USD) 31.3.2018 päättyneellä tilikaudella. Lisää tietoa:

Date: 09 June, 2017
City: Tallinn