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Modular IT service agreement between Elematic and Fujitsu

Helsinki, 30 May, 2012

Elematic Oy, supplier of machinery and equipment, production lines and complete production plants equipment for the concrete industry, continues its ICT service agreement with Fujitsu Finland Oy and carries on using Fujitsu’s Patja service with a new, modular IT service agreement.

Elematic started using Patja in 2007. Elematic’s main markets are in Asia, and in addition to Finland, the company operates in, for example, Russia, Germany, the United States, China and Dubai.

The service agreement covers helpdesk and support services, LAN maintenance and provision of server capacity as a service. It also includes Exchange e-mail and SharePoint communications solution. The implementation of Lync instant messaging is being planned.

”Cooperation has been running smoothly, and Fujitsu people have made good suggestions on improvement and development. Basic IT is important for us as a part of our operations, maintaining our competitiveness. Data amounts have grown immensely over the years; new solutions help us ensure the quick delivery of correct data all over the world,” says Eero Virtanen, Elematic’s CFO.

”Elematic is a forward-looking company with a dynamic and goal-oriented IT strategy. They always want to keep their IT up-to-date and bring in new solutions. When small investments are made systematically and continuously, major repairs that take a lot of time can be avoided. This strategy has also brought considerable savings,” says Antero Vuorio, Director, Regional Business Centers at Fujitsu Finland Oy.

The new agreement lends a more modular form to the Patja service. Basic IT and availability services are the core modules, which are complemented by services provided on a discrete basis, i.e. changing projects.

”This arrangement makes the service more flexible, as services are easy to activate and deactivate. Also their effects on pricing are clearer,” says Eero Virtanen.

For further information, please contact:
CFO Eero Virtanen, Elematic, tel. +358 3 549 5363
Director, Regional Business Centers Antero Vuorio, Fujitsu, tel. +358 40 8380 222
Press contacts: Satu Pelttari, Fujitsu, tel. +358 45 7880 9624 , satu.pelttari (at)

Elematic is the world’s leading supplier of precast concrete machinery and equipment, production lines and complete production plants. Elematic’s turnover is almost 60 million euros; of this exports account for over 90%. The company has approximately 180 employees. Headquarters with a production plant are situated in Akaa; other production sites are in Valkeakoski, Riihimäki and Nastola. The company has sales offices in Germany, the United States, Russia, China and Dubai as well as resellers in over 20 countries. Over the 50 years of Elematic, deliveries have been made to over 100 different countries on all continents. For more information:


Date: 30 May, 2012
City: Helsinki