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Thieme goes mobile with STYLISTIC tablets and ESPRIMO PCs

"With Fujitsu as our hardware partner, we are ideally positioned to bring our hospital clients into the technological age. The robust Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q tablet PCs and ESPRIMO X913-T PCs are the perfect devices on which to run our Windows 8-based patient education app"

Thomas Pettinger, IT Project Manager, Thieme Compliance GmbH

The customer

Thieme Compliance publishes over 2,000 patient information sheets (PIS) and informed consent forms (ICFs) for diagnostic measures, treatment and interventions in up to 17 languages, which it distributes under the product names Diomed and proCompliance. These documents are required as part of the discussions that have to take place between a medical practitioner and the patient prior to any diagnostic or surgical procedure, and serve as legally required evidence that the patient has given his or her free consent to undergo the procedure in question. The company, which is headquartered in Erlangen, Germany, is one of the biggest publishers of legally compliant patient education materials. Thieme Compliance is a subsidiary of the Thieme Publishing Group, one of the leading publishers of books, magazines, electronic media and services in the field of medicine, healthcare and related scientific disciplines.

The challenge

Thieme Compliance has developed a host of materials for the various different patient education situations. Every year, doctors use the printed versions of these forms. More recently, Thieme Compliance also launched E-ConsentPro, an app intended for its clients that provides electronic versions of the forms to simplify their handling. In the interests of providing its clients with a practical package comprising the app and a mobile hardware solution, Thieme Compliance was looking for a flexible technology partner with powerful web clients for professional use.

The solution

The STYLISTIC Q572 and STYLISTIC Q702 tablet PCs and the ESPRIMO X913-T PC from Fujitsu are three devices running the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, whose touch-screen capability opens up a wealth of new application possibilities for Thieme Compliance solutions.

The Benefit

  • Simplified use of the patient education materials thanks to mobile, Windows 8-compatible devices
  • Greater user friendliness
  • Robust hardware for long-term use in a professional environment

Around 1,200 hospitals rely on the PIS and ICFs from Thieme Compliance to guarantee its own compliance with legal requirements. In the past, every patient was required to complete the paper version by hand, or check off the relevant parts, and then return the form to the nursing staff or their doctor. “Unfortunately, it was often the case that errors would then be made when copying the information over to the hospital IT system, or the forms would be returned to us incomplete,” explains Thomas Pettinger, IT Project Manager at Thieme Consulting GmbH. “Thanks to our new app, which brings all of the 2,000 forms together in the one place, there is no longer any risk of transcription errors because the information is available directly within the system and can be transmitted electronically.” The Windows 8 app also offers additional benefits that are very useful within the healthcare sector in particular. The touch-screen functions, for example, allow you to increase the font size very easily. “Which is ideal particularly for elderly patients,” continues Pettinger. “Now everyone is able to adjust the font size to their particular needs, which has also resulted in a noticeable reduction in the number of incomplete forms.”

In addition to benefiting the patients, the app version of E-ConsentPro has also been a hit with the healthcare staff, since it helps to improve quality and saves time. With all the forms stored electronically, searching for the right one no longer requires sifting through the various available forms by hand. Further processing and archiving time is also reduced. While the patient works through the personalized electronic form, entering information about their medical history or simply clicking through the questions for example, the doctor is able to see the responses immediately and can use this information to assist with the diagnosis, without losing any time.

“The multimedia capabilities are also really useful,” adds Pettinger. “For example, we can embed short instructional videos into the app to explain certain medical procedures, once again saving time for the practitioners and hospital professionals.”

Products and Services

  • Devices: Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q572, STYLISTIC Q702, ESPRIMO X913-T
  • Operating system: Windows 8 Pro
  • Software: E-ConsentPro app by Thieme Compliance and emotion touch


Thieme Compliance now has the high-performance app and mobile device package it was looking for and is therefore able to offer its hospital clients an efficient all-in-one solution from a single source. Thomas Pettinger couldn’t be happier:

“With Fujitsu, we are delighted to have found a technology partner who shares our passion for quality. The robust, durable and high-performance STYLISTIC Q and ESPRIMO X systems provide the perfect complement to our professional application, which relies on precision and reliability. We are proud to be able to offer this hardware in a bundle with our app.”

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