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Fujitsu – over 50 years of Finnish IT history

By the end of the 1960’s, there were only eight computers in Finland. Today IT is an integral part of our lives every day. Throughout its history that spans 50 years, Fujitsu has been the beacon, heading the way from punch cards and tapes to cloud computing. The story of Finland’s leading ICT services supplier begins at Salmisaari in Helsinki in 1960.

1960–1990 Nokia era: from mainframes to MikroMikko computers

On September 20, 1960, the electronics division of the Finnish Cable Factory, later known as Nokia, is celebrating its opening at Salmisaari in Helsinki.

In 1969 Nokia buys the largest computer in Finland – the invested sum amounted to three times the company’s service operations turnover.

In the 1980’s, the MikroMikko computers are launched. In 1983, it is time to release the MikroMikko 2 micro computer, the pioneer of its time both in terms of performance and ergonomics.

In January 1988, Nokia Informaatiojärjestelmät, Ericsson’s Data group and Dava merge and become Nokia Data Systems. Nokia becomes the number one computer company in the Nordic countries and number seven in Europe. It has a personnel of 6,400 people.

1990–1999 ICL era: The dawn of the Patja service model

On May 29, 1991, international ICL acquires Nokia Data. Nokia Data becomes a part of a group of 27,000 employees with operations in 70 countries.

1995 sees the beginning of systematic development of IT infrastructures as business. Specialist services expand to cover servicing operations, and the Patja outsourcing concept is born. With the Patja model ICL assumes comprehensive responsibility for the availability, procurement and development of the customer’s IT infrastructure.

On October 1,1999 Isoworks Oy begins operations. It is a company offering maintenance and servicing services founded by ICL and Sonera as a joint venture. In 2006, Fujitsu acquires full ownership of Isoworks.

2000– Fujitsu era: Sohva collaboration model and the new vision

On February 21, 2000 ICL and Nokia establish Nice-business Solutions Finland Oy. The purpose of the joint venture is to support the e-business development needs of Nokia IT management.

On January 4, 2002 the name of the company changes – ICL becomes Fujitsu.

In May 2004, Fujitsu launches the Sohva collaboration model: a new operations model for the procurement and development of enterprise applications.

In May 2005 it is time to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Patja, which by now is the company’s strategic spearhead product. In spring 2008, Fujitsu launches its new vision ’Would half give you more?’

It is meant to question current thinking and make people think if we could cut the ICT costs taken for granted.

The Patja model is reformed in 2010. Among the focal points are particularly global coverage, superior user experience and continuous development.

On 1 October 2011, the name of Fujitsu Services Oy was changed to Fujitsu Finland Oy.