Nada Stankovic

Current Position: Client Services Director – Customer Service Management

Location: Canberra, Australia

When you started work at Fujitsu: End of 2011

What is the number one reason that keeps you coming to work every day?
I really like coming to work in our Barton office in Canberra – this is due to a combination of factors including primarily enjoying my role, feeling valued, trusted and challenged, seeing many opportunities for growth and further career progression and having alignment with the wider Fujitsu values, and more directly, those of my immediate team and management. We also create many opportunities for social interaction and getting to know our peers and colleagues as individuals. Being a mother to small children, it makes a true difference that the time I spend away from them focusing on my career is in this environment of positive culture where our individual situations are respected and reasonable work-life balance possible.

Jeroen Mulder

Current Position: Lead Architect/Country Lead Multi-Cloud

Location: Netherlands

When you started work at Fujitsu: April 2017

Why did you choose Fujitsu?
After almost 18 years with my previous employer I found it was time for change. However, after a long career in IT, you don’t want to work for just any company. Fujitsu convinced me that it really is a company that cares for its people. They practice the human-centric approach that they preach. Next to that, they are truly driven by innovation – human-centric innovation.

Stephen Waithaka

Current Position: Security Analyst in Enterprise and Cyber Security

Location: Finland

When you started work at Fujitsu: 2017 as part of Fujitsu Graduate Program

Tell us about your career journey within Fujitsu.
I started as a Junior Security Analyst and after a quick induction, started to engage with customers. Fujitsu has different customers who have unique environments and needs. This for me created new opportunities to learn plenty from service models to new tools and most importantly, collaboration across departments and countries. Currently, I am engaged in multiple projects that are rather exciting!

Chamundeeswari Sanghvi

Current Position: Application Developer in Enterprise and Cyber Security

Location: Finland

When you started work at Fujitsu: August 2017

Why did you choose Fujitsu?
Fujitsu is a very well established and renowned company. However, the most fascinating detail about the organization is that it is very true to its brand promise, “Shaping Tomorrow with You” and more human centric than any other organization that I have ever known. An example that touches both these points is the product “PalmSecure” biometric technology which was already developed almost a decade before my date of joining. It is a very futuristic product and also includes the human element. So, I was extremely interested in becoming a part of such a family that works productively to conjoin the fast-paced growth of technology with the most efficient way of human interaction. I still remember, when I was asked in the interview, why I chose Fujitsu, I answered “I want to be ‘You’ in the ‘Shaping tomorrow with You’ brand promise”.

Lexie Bogenreif

Current Position: Portfolio & Offering Manager

Location: Richardson, Texas, USA

When you started work at Fujitsu: May 2017

What makes Fujitsu unique to work for?
Have you ever thought about ways to improve something only to hear, “No, that isn’t how we do things”? Fujitsu is not that company. There are not many companies of Fujitsu’s size that enable you – regardless of your title/level – to actively try new ideas that will help make the company better.

Earl Royce Hugo

Current Position: Service Management Lead

Location: The Philippines

When you started work at Fujitsu: 2015

What is the number one reason that keeps you coming to work every day?
My family is definitely my number one inspiration to keep working. But the question is, why here in Fujitsu? I get excited by the idea that possibilities are infinite and that I can take part in actively shaping tomorrow with my colleagues, our customers, and the society – and these values are embedded in the Fujitsu brand. I love the fact that my job description is almost literally to solve problems for our customers. It is a privilege that I get to extend this problem solving to my colleagues, hopefully also serving as an inspiration to others along the way, as the General Manager and other company leaders have been to me.

Anne Talagrand

Current Position: HR Business Partner

Location: France

When you started work at Fujitsu: May 2018

Tell us about your career journey within Fujitsu.
Since I arrived in Fujitsu, I have learnt a lot. I have become to know the fascinating world of Fujitsu where I feel that possibilities are unlimited! I have met great and talented people, and I have already had the opportunity to participate in EMEIA initiatives. I enjoy the international side of the company. The atmosphere is good, I really feel like I am working within a Tech company! Finally, I enjoy the flexibility I have in managing my working hours; work life balance at Fujitsu is good!

Johanna Leino

Current Position: Senior IT Operations Manager – Process Control

Location: Finland

When you started work at Fujitsu: April 1999

Tell us about your career journey within Fujitsu.
I started my career within Fujitsu as a Service Desk agent. I learned more about Fujitsu as a company, more about our processes, culture, effective ways of working, technical matters, our customers and got familiar with people in different roles inside the company. In Service Desk, I also had the opportunity to work in several different roles such as Customer Coordinator and later a Process Controller’s role then eventually Manager. Although my Role has been Manager related for quite some time now I have had so many different challenges offered to me in shapes of different projects over the years such as outsourcing Service Desk teams, transferring services to different locations, building up new functions, automation projects, mentoring for Managers, inclusion in diversity programs and so much more. These extra responsibilities have kept my job very interesting over the years.

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