Fujitsu also has the core business solutions that address the recurring market challenges that lie at the heart of business transformation agendas.

Advance asset-tracking solutions with GlobeRanger

For example, for physical businesses that rely on assets in the field – anything from micro-sensors in factory, retail or office environments, to transcontinental airliners – we provide the world’s most advanced asset tracking solution with GlobeRanger. GlobeRanger is trusted in world-leading companies such as Jim Beam Suntory to “find their stuff” and comprises a suite of capabilities including:

  • Critical Equipment Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Production Tracking
  • Production & Process Tracking
  • Asset Lifecycle Management
Advance asset-tracking solutions with GlobeRanger
Next generation quality control with FAIR

Next generation quality control with FAIR

For manufacturers, Fujitsu offers next generation quality control with Fujitsu Advanced Image Recognition (FAIR). With this AI-driven quality control solution from Fujitsu, it takes Siemens Gamesa only a quarter of the time previously required to inspect its wind turbine blades for manufacturing defects, while removing the risk of human error.

With FAIR you can:

  • Improve quality and consistency of inspections through exceptional defect detection accuracy
  • Achieve greater agility to quickly adapt recognition models to changing requirements
  • Attain ultimate transformation efficiencies; FUJITSU has proven how this solution is able to achieve savings of greater than 80 per cent!

Smart ticketing with ACT

And in the transport domain, Fujitsu provides a path to better customer relationships with its smart ticketing and loyalty solutions, based on our ACT solution. Using ACT, Merseytravel, London Midland and Arriva now offer their customers greater ticketing choice and convenient payment methods through ACT ticketing solutions. Fujitsu ACT brings new solutions to support companies to reach next level of digital transformation – including:

  • Customer convenience
  • Real time information
  • Cost effective and flexible
  • Driver engagement
Smart ticketing with ACT

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