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Veritas Enterprise Vault

Store, Manage, and Discover Critical Business Information

Enterprise Vault provides a software-based intelligent archiving platform that stores, manages, and enables discovery of corporate data from email systems, file server environments, instant messaging platforms, and content management and collaboration systems. Because not all data is created equally, Enterprise Vault utilizes intelligent classification and retention technologies to capture, categorize, index, and store target data in order to enforce policies and protect corporate assets while reducing storage costs and simplifying management. Enterprise Vault also provides specialized applications, such as Discovery Accelerator and Compliance Accelerator, that mine archived data to support legal discovery, content compliance, knowledge management, and information security initiatives.
Key features Benefits
  • Policy-based archiving
    Automates the migration, storage and retention of unstructured information 
  • Performance improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • Simplifying management
  • PST/NSF-Migration
    Archives unmanaged emails, eradicate the use of PST files
  • Reduce storage cost
  • High data protection
  • Reduce administration effort
  • Electronic Discovery and Search with Guided Review
    Powerful end-user, legal and administrator search capabilities
  • High time saving
  • Simplifying data management
  • Cost reduction
  • Granular Legal Hold
    Automatically suspend the deletion of archived data
  • Data protection
  • Fulfill legal and regulatory compliance requirements
  • Simplified Administration/Management and very user-friendly
    Common Tasks-Dashboard, data access via mobile devices
  • Access to archived information anytime anywhere
  • High time saving
  • Simplifying management


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