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LIFEBOOK Modular Bay Accessories

Fujitsu LIFEBOOKS with modular bay capability increase business flexibility by allowing your notebook to adapt to current business needs. Whether you need a second battery, an optical disk drive, more storage, a projector or even just lighter weight there is a Fujitsu modular bay accessory to meet your needs.

FUJITSU Accessory Optical Disk Drive for Modular Bay LIFEBOOK P772 - modular bay

Sometimes you need an optical disk drive to load external software, burn data to backup disks or watch a Blue-ray movie. Your Fujitsu LIFEBOOK’s modular bay grants you the flexibility to have a DVD Super-multi Drive or a Blu-Ray Triple Writer when you need it and swap it for another modular bay accessory when you don’t.

FUJITSU Accessory Second Battery for Modular Bay Modular Bay 2nd Battery - side

Modern business demands that busy professionals be ready to meet customers, make presentations, and work wherever is necessary to get the job done. With a Second Battery for your Fujitsu LIFEBOOK you will be more flexible than ever. Installation is effortless. Just slide the Second Battery into your Fujitsu LIFEBOOK’s modular bay.

FUJITSU Accessory Second Hard Disk Drive or SSD Carrier for Modular Bay LIFEBOOK Modular Bay Storage

Modern business generates more and more data everyday so you may find yourself needing some extra storage space for critical data. Extend your storage with this 2nd HDD or SSD option by simply sliding this carrier into the modular bay slot on your Fujitsu LIFEBOOK. Choose the storage capacity to suit your needs and order separately from the list of options.

FUJITSU Accessory Weight Saver for Modular Bay Weight Saver Notebook

When you are on the road sometimes it’s important to economize on the weight of your notebook. Your Fujitsu LIFEBOOK’s modular bay grants you the flexibility to use a Weight Saver to minimize the weight of your notebook when you don’t need your other modular bay accessories.