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Flexibility, expandability, desktop alternative - these are only some of the advantages that the docking options of Fujitsu offer you.

Accessories for tomorrow

For maximum working efficiency, you need connectivity devices that work seamlessly with your IT systems Fujitsu delivers with devices that offer flexible connectivity options including wireless USB solutions, USB port replicators and DisplayPort-HDMI adapters. Mirroring Fujitsu’s overall design language, these connectivity devices guarantee maximum compatibility across Fujitsu systems. This enables “one-stop-shopping”, saving you time and money.

Workplace Connect Kit 2.0

This one-stop shop solution provides customers with a clean and efficient working area in a desktop environment. The FUJITSU Workplace Connect Kit 2.0 eliminates the clutter and limited space associated with excessive computer wires to create a clean, tidy and efficient workplace. It is extremely easy to install, use and maintain giving you maximum usability.

USB 3.0 Port Replicator PR08 USB Port Replicator PR08

The FUJITSU USB 3.0 Port Replicator PR08 is the perfect solution for hot-desk environments. It connects your notebook to all of your peripherals with a single USB 3.0 plug. The highlight is the internal powerful Display Link chipset that offers an excellent graphic performance.

FUJITSU Accessories USB Type-C Port Replicator USB Type-C port-rep.

The FUJITSU USB Type-C Portreplicator is the perfect solution for connecting FUJITSU mobile clients with a single USB Type-C plug.It allows you to charge and transfer data at the same time via only one cable in order to support your first steps towards a clean desk environment. High speed data transfer through USB 3.1 and Gigabit LAN make it possible to be more flexible and work faster.

USB Port Replicator PR8.1 USB Port Replicator PR8.1

The FUJITSU USB Port Replicator PR8.1 is the perfect solution for shared desktop (BYOD) environments. It connects your mobile system to your main peripherals with a single USB plug. This USB Port Replicator generates dual head graphics (4k resolution on DP or HDMI) and additional DVI-I video performance, enabling your system to run up to four screens independently at your workplace.

USB Port Replicator PR09

The new FUJITSU USB Port Replicator PR09 is the perfect solution for shared desk environments within a hyperconnected world. It connects your mobile system to your main peripherals with a single USB plug. This Port Replicator is equipped with the most powerful DisplayLink chipset supporting high performance video streaming with Dualhead-DisplayPort.
Highest data throughput is guaranteed due to an USB Type-C based Gen2 Hub-Controller enabling up to 10Gbit/s data streaming. The newest version of USB Power Delivery chipset (PD3.0) provides powerful charging during your workday.

USB 3.0 Hub 4 Ports USB 3.0 HUB 4 PORTS

Connecting all of your USB peripherals is quick and easy with the Fujitsu USB 3.0 Hub 4 Ports. SuperSpeed USB 3.0 makes data transfer to and from external storage faster than ever. The hub dynamically selects the optimal speed for each device, giving you more bandwidth where you need it automatically.

Adapters and Cables Cable Adapter

The ideal appendages for every possible computing requirement.