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Preventiva Seguros S.A. has committed to technological innovation by implementing a management system.


  • Financial Services

Offering Groups:

  • Solutions

Solution Areas:

  • Financial Solutions


  • Spain


  • Integrated Management of death and complementary policies


  • Business flexibility
  • “Time to Market”.
  • Increase in productivity
  • Decrease in costs
  • Reliability
  • Availability

Preventiva Seguros S.A.

Preventiva Seguros S.A. is a national insurance company which is characterized by its innovation and the ongoing improvement of the service to both its collaborators and its clients. Throughout the last year, Preventiva Seguros S.A. greatly wished to facilitate the work of each of its resources and agents by improving aspects related directly with the usability of the existing tools and the management of information, thereby always pursuing the goal of increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of all its resources.

In order to face these new challenges, it identified the need to renovate a portion of the technological infrastructure that supports the business, by making it more innovative, sound and flexible in terms of new market requirements. This renovation was based on the technological innovation and re-design of the death policy application and other complementary policies existing at Preventiva Seguros.

With this new application, achievements were made such as improving the user interface, making the handling of change in business processes more flexible, improving features that were not available, including flexibility in the design of new products, ease in incorporating guarantee models, etc.

Preventiva Seguros S.A. selected Fujitsu España Services S.A. because of the great trust it had placed in the company for years. Fujitsu España Services S.A. developed the business and technology consulting services, the design and development of the solution and the installation and support for all of the technological infrastructure used.

The Solution

The solution for integrated management of the death and complementary policies developed by Fujitsu España Services S.A. for Preventiva Seguros covers the whole life cycle of the insurance company’s business:

  • - Modeling of guarantees and products
  • Contracting policies
  • Management of insured parties
  • Management of agents (commissions, income tax, etc.)
  • Dynamic tax management
  • Portfolio issuance
  • Portfolio renewal and value increase
  • Portfolio movements
  • Bill management
  • Paying agents
  • Claim management
  • Accounting
  • Reports and statistics

At the technological level, the solution consists of a very complete client-server application in the Death and Complementary branch that uses SQL Server 2000 as a corporate database and a Terminal Services server farm as a front-end for access by remote users who gain access through the Internet and VPN.

At present, the implemented solution is providing coverage to approximately 150 users.

Thanks to the know-how and fundamental contribution to the analysis of the technological department of Preventiva S.A., Fujitsu España Services S.A. has managed to designed a solution which is perfectly adapted to its needs.

The Benefits

The main advantages achieved by Preventiva Seguros S.A. with the implementation of the solution designed by Fujitsu España Services S.A. are:

  • Business flexibility
  • “Time to Market”: ease in incorporating new business tasks rapidly, a decrease in the response tie to users, as well as the interval time that an agency must wait for charges from the subsequent month, improvement in mass process run times, etc.
  • Increase in productivity
  • Decrease in costs
  • Reliability: because Fujitsu España Services S.A. ensures for Preventiva Seguros the centralization of data, in both use and in backup copies.
  • Availability
  • At the technical level, this has been a great leap for Preventiva Seguros from a proprietary system (Series K) to standard market systems (Microsoft) and a relational database.

All of these advantages may be summarized as benefits in the short term for Preventiva Seguros S.A. both in terms of profitability and the efficiency and effectiveness of its business processes.