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Multibrand Integrated Maintenance Service


  • Government

Offering Groups:

  • Managed Services

Solution Areas:

  • Outsourcing Solutions


  • Spain


  • User Service Desk (USD), Help-Desk 24x7, HW-SW Multibrand Maintenance Service, In-situ technical assistance, Desktop Management


  • The IMI may close but its activity continues 24 hours a day
  • A broader and better quality service
  • One single contact point with the IMI for any support request
  • The IMI can use its own resources for more complex tas
  • A swifter and more efficient manageme

The Challenge

The Municipal Computing Institute (IMI) of the City Council of Barcelona is a local autonomous body which depends on the latter and whose objective is to efficiently manage all aspects related to the internal computing of the City Council of Barcelona and other citizen service public entities such as the police force or the fire service. It serves over 6,500 users including government and public service employees in more than 300 buildings and deals with over 43,000 calls.

On approaching this project, the IMI already had a user service desk, but it needed to extend the service to 24 hours a day, which it could not do with the personnel it had. Furthermore, and owing to the volume of incidents and requests handled, it needed a Help Desk or contact point which would provide solid support for the diverse array of needs which might arise in the computing area. All of the above would have to be backed by an integrated maintenance service for all the software and hardware handled by the IMI regardless of whoever supplied this equipment.

FUJITSI responded with an integrated maintenance solution adapted to the IMI tools and processes which enabled the latter to be optimized and has meant working jointly within a close collaboration relationship.

The Solution

The integrated FUJITSU maintenance solution comprises various services so it can respond to the diverse schedule needs and the different levels of support required.

  • User Service Desk (USD)
    FUJITSU places a human team at the disposal of the IMI 24x7 in order to cover the schedules which cannot currently be staffed: evenings, weekends and holidays.

    The implemented USD has integrated the contact points for incidents and complaints into one single telephone and into one single channel, operating as a one-step, multipurpose window for all users.

    Depending on the reason behind the request for support, the call is redirected and may be sent to the Help Desk in the event of a SW failing, to HW maintenance or to the On-Call Service. In order to make this possible, the whole of the ACD of the IMI was reconfigured. The management tool which is used by the USD is the IMI’s very own which is used not only to manage incidents and requests for support received, but it also handles inventory and asset control, SLA management and knowledge management. One important aspect is the rendering of the service which involves “hangaring” or the entire management of equipment transfers during relocations of the same or new installations and their starting-up with one single request to the USD.

    The service is supervised by a Fujitsu SDM or Service Delivery Manager, who is the single interlocutor for the IMI and the person who ensures that service quality levels agreed by contract are being met at all times. In order to achieve this, a series of reports of diverse frequency have also been defined so that the IMI is able to permanently monitor the activity being undertaken.
  • Help Desk
    This constitutes the second level of support implemented by FUJITSU. This team has a higher level of knowledge and experience so they can carry out the multibrand SW maintenance required: Windows N.T. 4.0, Windows 9X, Netware 5.0, Metaframe, Office, Lotus Notes, Host Emulators at basic level and own departmental applications.

    They are also charged with undertaking administration locally in any buildings in which in situ support is required as they are not interconnected. Here the total monitoring and supervision of the network and the managed equipment is also carried out as well as sporadic technical assistance which the IMI may require for new developments.

    As a whole, the Help Desk offers significant support owing to its enormous technical skill which means it is able to solve in as short a time as possible any failing or computing management which the IMI needs to implement.

    As occurs above, the degree of this service commitment is regulated and undertaken by FUJITSU via SLA.
  • Integrated Hardware and Software Maintenance
    FUJITSU is also responsible for the support and maintenance of all the hardware managed by the IMI. This equipment is formed by a multivendor base comprising 6,500 workstations, 24 servers, over 2,400 printers, 40 plotters and 205 scanners.

    This service is coordinated with the USD so that new equipment installations or relocations are implemented efficiently and swiftly for the IMI and the inventory is under full control.
  • Desktop Management
    This is one of the functions which FUJITSU undertakes thanks to the provision of the integrated maintenance service guaranteeing vis-à-vis the IMI that all its workstations and other equipment are under control and updated.

    Furthermore, an inventory is drawn up of any changes or modifications made either to location or hardware. This is done transparently for the IMI simplifying management and enabling it to save costs and its employees’ operating time.

The Benefits

The IMI may close but its activity continues 24 hours a day:
Thanks to the USD and the FUJITSU on-call service, end users of the IMI are permanently attended to, even on holidays. The management of personnel which would be involved in setting up an organization of this kind on its own is also avoided.

A broader and better quality service:
The service structured at the different support levels and the large amount of functions it covers, even counting on in situ technical assistance whenever it is needed, makes it possible to provide an end service which is more flexible, more comprehensive and more efficient.

One single contact point with the IMI for any support request:
The UHD solution afforded by FUJITSU simplifies access to the IMI and makes it easier for users.

The IMI can use its own resources for more complex tasks:
Without losing control of the network and users, IMI personnel can focus their efforts on more complex and higher level activities, even affording more content to the IMI itself.

A swifter and more efficient management:
The complete management of the workstations, which are fully inventoried and under control, means that all the tasks to be undertaken there can be easily synchronized.

One single point of contact for the support of all the equipment regardless of the brand:
The integrated maintenance provided by FUJITSU covers all the suppliers and providers of the IMI equipment, offering to the latter a single point of contact through which all formalities can be undertaken. This makes the IMI’s dealings with its suppliers much more straightforward.

UAn SLA-guaranteed service level:
FUJITSU guarantees service response times and support service quality by contract or via a service level agreement (SLA).

The IMI has one single interlocutor with FUJITSU, the SD:
The main duty of the Service Delivery Manager or SDM will always be to ensure that the service level delivered to the IMI complies with the requirement and excellence levels committed to by the SLA. Moreover, the IMI has a single interface for any needs it may have of FUJITSU, thus avoiding having to approach different people within the organization, resulting in a totally customized form of treatment.

The IMI has everything under contro:
The amount of reports generated and the greater level of monitoring and supervision existing allows the IMI to have more information and more decision elements at its fingertips, with which it even has greater control of the supported network.

A totally customized service:
FUJITSU has adapted its professional services to the needs of IMI, offering them a fully tailored service.