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Development of the internet portal


  • Government

Offering Groups:

  • Consulting

Solution Areas:

  • Application Development


  • Spain


  • To develop a Government of Aragon Internet strategic plan.


  • New citizen access channel to remote administration
  • Improving the provision of citizen services
  • Department autonomy in content management
  • Corporate portal cost reduction

The Challenge

In a further effort to consolidate the Information Society in its region, the Government of Aragon raised with FUJITSU the need to develop a Government of Aragon Internet strategic plan comprising the following activities:

  • Assessing and redefining the general strategies of the Provincial Council of Aragon within the Internet arena
  • Modifying, adapting and improving the presentation and the management of the services and contents which are currently available on Internet through a portal.

The final objective of the Government of Aragon was to succeed in offering a service through Internet which allowed greater citizen interaction and participation in the administrative business of the Autonomous Region.

The solution had to be characterized by the autonomy it offered each departmental area in terms of managing contents, homogenizing processes and contents, providing for significant growth in user numbers and, finally, avoiding dispersion as regards technology.

The Solution
FUJITSU suggested ORACLE as the technological platform which was most suited to the characteristics of this portal, specifically its Oracle Portal tool, as this is the platform which is most widely used within the environment of the Government of Aragon, thus adapting to the strategy followed in terms of content managers. FUJITSU’s strategic agreement with ORACLE regarding this point was pivotal.

This portal, which is accessed via a 20 MB/s broad band in a 34 MB/s Frame Relay circuit, offers citizens more than 20 GB of contents (information and services) which are permanently updated. These contents integrate and relate over 45,000 pages and more than 29,000 files comprising over 7,000 images and more than 20,000 PDF documents, affording access to more than 50 consultation databases. Furthermore, dynamic elements and contents which can be offered in WAP format have also been incorporated.

The solution also provides for the implementation of a content management system which complies with all the requirements on a global and departmental level, thus enabling the diverse areas within the Government of Aragon to operate autonomously.

Services Offered by Fujitsu
FUJITSU, in its role as a comprehensive service provider, supplied an integrated solution which encompasses all the aspects raised by the Government of Aragon and can be summed up as follows:

  • Technological consulting
    Drawing up a strategic plan for the Government of Aragon regarding Internet was one of the pivotal work areas for the FUJITSU consultants. The subsequent development of the Internet portal was framed within the aforementioned plan.
    Within this consulting service, FUJITSU also assessed all the global and departmental requirements that had to be contemplated by the technological solution used to implement the portal. Furthermore, the technical approach for defining the most suitable technological platform was also addressed.
  • Portal integration and implementation
    Development of the portal, components and structure
    The development of the portal involved designing and implementing the entire end user interface via a structure which enabled citizens from Aragon to access all the services provided by the Administration easily and swiftly. In response to this need, FUJITSU collaborated with the creation of a style guide which identifies and is proper to the Government of Aragon.
    In this sense, the Internet, Extranet and Intranet contents were differentiated and existing applications were integrated within the context of a single access point. In order to provide a solution to the autonomy required by the diverse departments, the decision was made to implement a content management system based on departmental templates.
    An important part of the undertaking consisted of a series of dynamic elements such as the search engine, self-registration facilities, complaints and suggestions, forums, surveys, news, a free gazette providing customized information to all the citizens who request it: public tenders for employment, subsidies, awards, scholarships, etc. Thanks to FUJITSU’s development services, all these contents can be offered to citizens who so wish in WAP format, thus fulfilling content and technology diversity needs.
    This was made possible thanks to the incorporation of a corporate subscription system and a search system of all the corporation information repositories.
  • Implementation of the new portal
    FUJITSU was tasked with undertaking all the activities related to the implementation of the new portal: project management, installation, tests and starting-up of the technological solution. In order to achieve this, it used PRYMA methodology which guarantees compliance with the highest quality and efficiency standards in project development and delivery.
  • Data migration
    All the contents already existing on the web were migrated to the new portal and adapted so that they could be offered to users in diverse technologies. The new portal comprises 45,000 pages containing more than 20Gb of contents compared to the 14 of the previous one.

The Benefits

New citizen access channel to remote administration
The new portal was designed so that citizens can get in touch with all the departments and bodies of the Autonomous Administration, as well as with the other Public Administrations, including the Tax Agency. In this way, citizens are able to attend to their business, including the immediate payment of taxes or the processing of certain administrative procedures which are gradually being incorporated into the portal.

The outcome of all the above is that the Government of Aragon and the Administration in general are able to draw closer to citizens, affording greater and more interactive communication between the latter and the Administration, and it is easier for users of the new portal to carry out their business. In this sense, the concept of a single access point to all the Public Administrations is noteworthy.

Improving the provision of citizen services
The new techniques introduced (mostly dynamic elements) enable information to be accessed more quickly and even allow citizens to customize the contents they wish to be informed about via a free gazette which can also be received in WAP format. Furthermore, all administrative procedures are going to be incorporated into the portal, so citizens will be able to carry out more and more transactions interactively without having to physically go to the Administration.

Department autonomy in content management
This means that the introduction, updating and administration of contents is more evenly distributed and consequently they will be made available in a shorter amount of time.

Corporate portal cost reduction
This is accomplished by centralizing the services implemented which makes maintenance easier and swifter.

Homogenization of the corporate and functional style
Offering the user one single corporate image of the Government of Aragon.

Scalability of the technological architecture and the services implemented
Both the architecture implemented and the services developed can be expanded and currently allow 3.5 million hits to be managed per month.