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Causeway Programme: Information Sharing and Managed Application Services

Case Study:

Causeway Programme

“Causeway is now fundamental to the continuing modernisation and reform of the criminal justice system in Northern Ireland”
Carol Moore, Director, Justice Policy, Department of Justice, Northern Ireland

DownloadDownload the 'Causeway' case study PDF (881 KB) [881 KB]

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Northern Ireland's criminal justice system depended on the manual sharing of information, which contributed to delays, information gaps and duplication of effort. Existing paper-based systems were unnecessarily costly and manpower- intensive.  To address these issues, the Causeway Programme was created. It is a joint initiative of the six criminal justice organisations in Northern Ireland: Public Prosecution Service, Forensic Science Northern Ireland, Police Service, Courts and Tribunals Service, Probation Board and Prison Service.  

Fujitsu was selected as the IT partner to deliver the programme over ten years and is responsible for designing, implementing and operating the IT services that enable Causeway to provide a shared service to enable information sharing. In the first stage of the project (DSM0), the Police, Public Prosecution and Forensic Science Northern Ireland were able to share information electronically. This was later extended in a second phase (DSM1) to include the Court Service and Prison Service. Safeguards ensure that information is only made available to authorised people, and Fujitsu provides a secure, encrypted link from its data centres to each of the organisation's primary data centres. This guarantees that sensitive information is only accessible to the teams that have a right to see it.

Fujitsu worked closely with staff in each of the six organisations to deliver the solution in a complex multi-agency environment, and to help each of the Causeway partners to specify their requirements and how the main system should integrate with their existing IT applications.

DownloadDownload the 'Causeway' case study PDF (881 KB) [881 KB] 

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