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Asociación Empresarial de Hostelería de la Comunidad de Madrid La Viña


  • Hotel and Restaurant

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  • Scanners

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  • Imaging Solutions


  • Spain


  • La Viña handles a large volume of paperwork. Up until 2015, the association did their accounting and document filing manually. For them, it was time to begin their digital transformation journey with the aim of achieving savings in costs, space and time.

The solution:

  • La Viña implemented a software system from Quantyca in combination with Fujitsu fi-7160 document scanners. Today the accounting department can say that without doubt the fi-7160 is a solution that works and which is helping the staff considerably in their daily workload.
“Without doubt it is a solution that works and which is helping us considerably in our daily workload”
(Laureano Dorado Juárez, Financial Director at La Viña


fi-7160 Scanning

The customer

Founded in 1882, La Viña is the biggest and most representative hostelry trade association in the Madrid region. They represent hotel and restaurant businesses in their dealings with local and regional government administration and are responsible for negotiating the Hotel and Restaurant Industry Collective Covenant in the Madrid Region. They specialise in providing integrated management services to Madrid based businesses and organise high profile events in order to promote the local gastronomy and encourage consumers to visit their associated establishments.

The challenge

La Viña handles a large volume of paperwork. They file a huge variety of documents on their clients which they often have to search for and reference again afterwards, either for their own internal purposes or upon request from the client. Inevitably this means that they have a large paper document archive at their warehouse in Guadalajara, as well as a large amount of documentation and papers in their office in Madrid.

Over the course of the company’s history they have provided service to a total of 3,000 clients with the corresponding huge volume of documentation that this involves. Up until 2015, La Viña did their accounting and document filing manually and they recently decided that it was time to begin their digital transformation journey within the organisation. The aim was to achieve mid to long term savings in costs, space and time throughout the process of filing and managing their documents.

The solution

In 2015, Quantyca, a provider of services and technology, did a demo presentation of their application and in the last quarter of the year La Viña started working with a Fujitsu document scanner in their company and they began their journey towards digital transformation. “It was the beginning of 2016 when we integrated the system 100% into our daily work, although we are conscious that it will be a long and hard process, albeit one that without doubt will offer great benefits to our organisation,” says Laureano Dorado Juárez, Financial Director at La Viña.

  • Savings in costs, space and time
  • Ability to digitise a large variety and number of documents
  • Better quality of services for La Viña's clients
  • Quantyca solution offers ability to upload documents to the cloud
  • Fujitsu fi-7160 document scanner
  • Consulting services by PFU partner Quantyca
  • Quantyca software

Fulfilling all quality parameters

La Viña was conscious of the need to initiate the digitisation process towards the end of 2014 and contacted Quantyca to see if they could help them address the digitisation challenge. Their participation in the process of defining and transforming procedures at La Viña has been a decisive factor. The decision to start the process was made in 2015 and at the end of that year they began to test the system with some of their clients. Following the success of the test, the decision was made to fully integrate the solution. Staff members were hesitant at first but now they recognise the benefits and have come to accept the new situation. “We now have someone who is in charge of scanning up to 1,000 documents a day using a pre-classification process, which is considered very positive by the rest of the staff. Through the advice of Quantyca, it was decided that Fujitsu’s scanners were the only ones that fulfilled the quality parameters required,” says Laureano Dorado Juárez.

Integrated solution

Quantyca provided an integrated solution which included their software application combined with Fujitsu fi-7160 scanners, which for their speed, security and reliability were the best choice. For La Viña, the use of the scanners is fundamental as they allow them digitise a large variety of documents from invoices, documents such as ID cards, tax returns, rental agreements, licenses, work documents, etc., highly important for their accounting department. Being able to have all invoices digitised provides the accounting staff with high added value and creates great savings in time and enhances process efficiency, which in turn means big improvements in the quality of the services they can offer to their clients. Amongst other advantages, it allows La Viña to send invoices to clients in real time when they request them.

Less paper – more time and money savings

La Viña is currently digitalising all documentation relating to 150 of their 3,000 clients. They scan approximately 1,000 documents a day and the idea is to extend this over the coming years to digitise the whole of their archive. Besides invoices, letters of attorney, identity documents and rental agreements there are many other documents within the overall documentation that they want to digitise: all paperwork relating to labour issues, licenses and a large number of miscellaneous papers they have at the moment. Now the Associations' employees have less paper on their desks and the ability to carry out digital handovers. Currently, the Fujitsu scanners and the Quantyca solution are totally integrated in La Viña's organisational processes. Without doubt they have allowed staff to take a big step towards independence, given that little by little it is allowing them to become less dependent on having to turn to paper documents in their day-to-day work, with the corresponding losses in time and money that this involves.

fi-7160 optimises capture processes

“We have devised a hardware and software package for this generation of fi Series scanners, whose components are perfectly complementary and coordinated from the ground up,” says Mike Nelson, Vice President at Fujitsu subsidiary PFU (EMEA) Ltd. “We have optimised the capture process so that users can now integrate important information into downstream document-management processes more quickly and without the need for special training.”

Both hardware and software are equally important in the Fujitsu fi-7160 scanner. The PaperStream IP driver and image processing software, combined with the PaperStream Capture software offer simplified and automated batch scanning routines that intelligently convert batches of documents into predetermined work routines.

fi-7160 Case Studies

The pdf file can be viewed by clicking here (157 KB/A4, 2 pages).