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Afianza Asesores S.L.


  • Taxation, Labour law, et al.

Offering Groups:

  • Scanners

Solution Areas:

  • Imaging Solutions


  • Spain


  • In the past, the document processing procedure was as follows: Afianza received documents from clients, which had to be scanned using their old scanner and saved in a network folder in order to be able to load invoices, etc. onto the Quantyca software program. The company was looking for a solution to automate and facilitate the document capture processes.

The Solution:

  • The Fujitsu fi-7180 document scanner has allowed Afianza to automate repetitive and mechanical scanning tasks that weren’t providing any value to their clients, leaving Afianza free to focus on their clients and their needs.
“The speed and efficiency of the scanner has allowed us automate routine accounting tasks, leaving staff free to dedicate their time to other tasks.”
José Luis Cogolludo, CEO of Afianza Asesores S.L.


Afianza fi-7180 Scanning

The customer

Afianza is a professional team of business consultants whose philosophy is to pass on knowledge and offer the best alternatives to their clients, with an agile and high quality service in all areas of business management that require specialist support. Afianza makes all of their experience available to their clients in order to provide integrated advice and consultancy in various business areas. The consultants have a practical and proactive attitude and continuously work hard to create added value for their clients. Afianza extends a hand to their clients to offer them confidence and trust in their team of professionals. Afianza is conscious of the importance of its human capital for the whole organisation and gives special attention to selection, training, professional development, flexibility at work and communication.

The Afianza team is made up of professionals from different disciplines: economists, auditors, lawyers, engineers, etc. all of whom are ready and willing to give their best in order to satisfy their clients' expectations.

Fields of specialisation: taxation, labour law, accountancy, financial assessment, judicial (corporate, civil and labour law), audits, insurance, engineering, management of solar energy plants.

The challenge

Previously, when using the Quantyca software, the procedure was as follows – Afianza received documentation from their clients, which they had to scan using their old scanner and save in a networked folder in order to be able to load invoices, etc. onto the software program (selected by company name, fiscal year, etc.).

The solution

Quantyca, a provider of services and technology, recommended the usage of Fujitsu scanners to Afianza. “The decision was simple. After quite a lot of time working with Quantyca and our old scanners, they suggested we use the Fujitsu solution in order to save time,” says José Luis Cogolludo, CEO of Afianza Asesores S.L.

  • Savings in terms of costs of man hours
  • Elimination of the majority of human errors in the accounting process
  • All scanned invoices are uploaded directly to the Quantyca OCR which saves a lot of time
  • Automation of routine accounting tasks, leaving staff free to dedicate their time to other work
  • Fujitsu fi-7180 document scanner
  • Consulting services by PFU partner Quantyca
  • Quantyca software

Efficiency and quality

“Thanks to the trust we have in Quantyca, we didn’t hesitate in purchasing the scanner, “continues Cogolludo. In Afianza we have created a technical department that is responsible for invoice management and accounting. In the room where this department is located, we have the Fujitsu scanner connected to a PC. All the invoices that arrive at this department are scanned on this equipment,” continues José Luis Cogolludo.

With the fi-7180 document scanner Fujitsu is pursuing a comprehensive approach to document scanning: hardware and supporting software are finely tuned to work together for perfect results. Featuring the PaperStream Capture software, the scanner boosts both efficiency and quality in the scanning of documents. Fujitsu devised the whole package to make clean, compact, and clear digital images from a wide range of document types, saving users’ time and demonstrating Fujitsu’s commitment to making document capture simple. The fi-7180 scanner model captures up to 80 sheets/160 pages per minute (A4, colour, double-sided, 300 dpi).

Optimised capture process

“We have devised a package of hardware and software for this generation of fi Series scanners. The components are perfectly complementary and coordinated from the ground up”, says Mike Nelson, Vice President at Fujitsu subsidiary PFU (EMEA) Ltd. "We have optimised the capture process so that users can now integrate important information into downstream document-management processes more quickly and without the need for special training."

Both hardware and software are equally important in the Fujitsu fi-7180 scanner. The PaperStream IP driver and image processing software combined with the PaperStream Capture software offer simplified and automated batch scanning routines that intelligently convert batches of documents into predetermined work routines.

Software counts, too

PaperStream IP prepares digitised data for subsequent processing, such as OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and connects with common scanning applications that would regularly control the scanner via either the TWAIN or ISIS interface. PaperStream IP also provides a unique triple stream capability.

PaperStream Capture allows users to fine-tune their document work flow, including batches, at every step. Once users have scanned a batch, they can instantly release it to the defined destination or place it into a queue for subsequent validation and additional processing.

fi-7180 Case Studies

The pdf file can be viewed by clicking here (154 KB/A4, 2 pages).