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Schiphol Group: IT Service Desk and Office Automation Systems

"At last, I can truly say we are an organization with a modern IT environment. IT supports the flexibility that we need for our business"

Kees Jans CIO, Schiphol Group

The customer

The Schiphol Group is an airport operator and developer of ‘Airport Cities’. In the Netherlands, the Group operates four airports: Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Lelystad Airport and Eindhoven Airport. As well as being a rail, air and road hub, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is also an ‘Airport City’. The airport is equipped with all of the facilities you would find in a modern city, making it pleasant for people to spend time there.

The challenge

Schiphol Group wanted to implement a ’New Way of Working’. After analyzing both its conditions of employment and its IT environment it identified the need for a comletely new IT environment that would enable more flexible working.

The solution

Fujitsu was contracted to manage the entire back office and IT Service Desk 24x7, as well as the virtualization of workstations in line with the ‘New Way of Working’.

The benefit

  • Cost savings in terms of office space thanks to flexible workplaces
  • More flexibility; working on the move
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • A more positive and modern employer image
  • The conditions of employment are more attractive for new employees
  • Communication between colleagues improved thanks to the flexible workplaces
  • More efficient and greener working, thanks to the ability to take digital documents to meetings


Download the full Shiphol Case study (595 KB/A4, 2 pages)