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German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme secures archiving pension files with ETERNUS CS8000

"With ETERNUS CS8000, we have selected a storage system that perfectly meets our need for secure digital archiving of important data such as our policyholders’ pension files."

Sabina Winzer, IT Department Corporate Development, Head of Division, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Berlin-Brandenburg

The customer

Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme) is one of the major pillars of social security in Germany. It not only pays its policyholders a pension in their later years, but also supports them throughout their entire working life. This means customers can request medical rehabilitation or a service contributing towards their career, such as professional retraining. German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme Berlin-Brandenburg employs 2,160 people (including clinics) who look after 1.9 million policyholders, including 767,000 pensioners, providing services and consultation from 25 branches in Berlin and Brandenburg. In 2014, DRV had a total budget of €8.4 billion.

The challenge

To find a reliable way to store electronic insurance files for 1.9 million people in the German regions of Berlin and Brandenburg (approximately 360 million documents) and allow branches across the country to access policyholder data swiftly. Considering how important the documents were for the social protection of people with pension schemes, the reliability of the storage system was a key factor in selecting the archiving solution.

The solution

The new archiving and storage architecture for electronic pension files, implemented by the German Statutory Pension Insurance Scheme, was ETERNUS CS8000 technology, which had already been in place for backup purposes for some time at both Frankfurt (Oder) and Berlin sites.

The benefit

  • Shorter access times to policyholder files
  • High level of storage system scalability to optimize the investment protection
  • Long-term archiving with the highest level of security
  • Optimized IT infrastructure and management with the use of ETERNUS CS8000 as the unified platform to store backup and archive data


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