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ITEBO GmbH: CommVault Simpana Backup and Archive Solution

"The migration to CommVault Simpana went very smoothly thanks to Fujitsu’s expertise. We are also very satisfied with the ETERNUS DX90 S2 backup solution. We will always value this partnership"

Olaf Mersch, Team Leader for Applications and Systems Management, ITEBO GmbH

The customer

ITEBO GmbH operates as an IT service provider and systems house, mainly supporting local authorities, churches and charitable causes. These include the districts of Osnabrück, Emsland and Bentheim, the city of Osnabrück and the diocese of Osnabrück in north-west Germany. With the acquisition of the Osnabrück community data center’s business, the company has over 30 years of experience in professional data handling. ITEBO GmbH acts as an expert consulting partner, administering and securing data and managing data centers. The technical side of the business maintains a highly-available data, transaction and clearing center, which meets all current challenges of a modern, innovative data center.

The challenge

This included an effective backup strategy, which should always be up-to-date. The business is currently using the Fujitsu NetWorker solution but as this will be discontinued at the end of 2013, a new solution is required. “As we are responsible for the security of our customers’ data, we encounter many small, fractional backups,” explains Olaf Mersch, Team Leader for Applications and Systems Management for ITEBO GmbH. To administer these effectively, one of the most essential requirements is a modern backup solution. The ITEBO data center is also highly virtualized. Says Mersch: “It was important to us to have comprehensive and simple integration into our VMware environment and to embed it within our heterogeneous storage system.”

The solution

The CommVault Simpana backup and archive solution was eventually chosen as it combines modern features such as snapshot-management, de-duplication and storage resource management - an “All-in-One“ solution. As it had had a good experience with the previous model, ITEBO GmbH chose Fujitsu‘s ETERNUS DX90 for its backup storage. Professional Services Experts from Fujitsu ensured that the migration went smoothly.

ITEBO GmbH operates in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, partially as a service provider but also as a developer of custom solutions for its local authority customers. Olaf Mersch continues: “A main focus of our work is to build solutions for local authority centers, for example procedures for housing, car licensing offices or the administration of minor offences.“ ITEBO also supports its customers with Mobile Device Management and in the SAP environment. To secure IT services for the city of Osnabrück, ITEBO invested in a modern data center.

Four NetApp Metro Clusters work as a production storage system while the backup runs via an ETERNUS DX90 storage system. A combination that has paid off: „The way that CommVault, NetApp FAS Systems and the Fujitsu ETERNUS DX storage system work together was an important factor in our decision. The integration and interaction between Simpana software, the NetApp Filers and the ETERNUS DX90 system is almost perfect. From an administrative point of view, data security becomes a walk in the park with this system,“ says Olaf Mersch.

Products and services

  • Storage system: 1 x Fujitsu ETERNUS DX90 S2
  • Backup and archive software: CommVault Simpana 9
  • Fujitsu Storage Integration Services
  • Fujitsu Maintenance for CommVault Simpana

The benefit

  • Reduction in storage and administration costs
  • Increased data security
  • Savings in service and administration costs
  • Simple restoration of virtual machines, applications and data

With the ETERNUS DX90 storage system, ITEBO relies on fast SAS hard drives as they are, after all, an IT service provider. “ The Fujitsu system is exactly right for us,“ Mersch says. “It provides excellent reliability and performance. The price-performance ratio is also excellent.“ ITEBO‘s ETERNUS system has a total storage capacity of 55 terabytes. “As we currently only need 30 terabytes for our own backups, we can also store some backups for our customers,“ continues Mersch. “But the ETERNUS DX90 system is also very scalable. We can expand it at any time, just by attaching a new shelf with more drives. I think that‘s a very elegant solution.“

In principal, ITEBO secures its customers‘ data 24 hours a day, but the primary backup window is between 10pm and 6am. Aside from the disk storage which enables access to the past 30 days of data, there is also an additional tape library. “We have to store the long-term backups in a secure bunker,“ explains Mersch. “Tapes are better suited for this as some data for local authorities must be stored for seven to ten years. For registry offices, this can be more than 100 years.“

CommVault Simpana enables data from the tapes to be easily restored in the wake of a disaster. The software simplifies the work of Olaf Mersch‘s team: “The advantage of Simpana is in the incredibly flexible administration, which greatly simplifies the security of our heterogeneous system environment.“ Another advantage would be clarity, as Simpana offers a consistent interface for the entire virtual and physical environment: “CommVault‘s central management interface is very good. Using this, we can incorporate individual customer requirements. We can create backup windows suited to each customer.“ And more besides: With Simpana, ITEBO can produce backups for customers even over low bandwidths. In such cases, the customers have their own data centers where the backups are created with Simpana and transferred to the ITEBO data center. “Only Simpana could fulfill our high quality expectations for this kind of backup-as-a-service,“ explains Olaf Mersch.

Simpana IntelliSnap provides a real bonus for security. Snapshots can be taken at regular intervals without affecting performance. This ensures fast database recovery.


Services. This included the creation of the system landscape, setting up the first job and starting the first migration and an in-house workshop. “Fujitsu has also guided us during further work,“ said Mersch. “When there were small hurdles, they were overcome quickly and without lots of red tape.“ In general, Olaf Mensch draws very positive conclusions:

“We accomplished our backup migration project with the help of very competent colleagues from Fujitsu. It was an excellent partnership. We worked well together and followed short co-ordination paths. We will always value these products and this partnership. We now have an efficient solution which enables both fast backups and fast restores, thanks to the strong ETERNUS DX systems. Last but not least, Simpana has impressed us with its comprehensive integration into our highly virtualized environment.“


Download the ITEBO Case Study (469 KB/A4, 2 pages)


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