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Outstanding SAP Performance


Fujitsu is committed to achieving the best system performance, stability and reliability in the world. The company has taken its enterprise-class PRIMEPOWER platform scalability to levels never before possible with UNIX servers. In combination with the Oracle9i Database (release 2), PRIMEPOWER continues to meet with unprecedented success in real-world high-performance benchmark testing.

Highly scalable and even upgradeable

PRIMEPOWER 2500 server models can be scaled from one to 128 SPARC64 V processors and also further upgraded by deploying processors with even higher clock speeds as they become available. Furthermore, the implementation of extended partitioning (XPAR) and dynamic relocation brings the flexibility of software partitioning to hardware implementation, thereby ensuring maximum system availability.

Enterprise computing credentials

With its new extended architecture and system stability management features, PRIMEPOWER is clearly the enterprise computing platform standard to beat. Its ability to run large and tuned Oracle9i Databases in commercial environments provides genuine proof of this.