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Reducing environmental impact from door to door

Fujitsu continuously seeks to improve and optimize inbound and outbound logistical efficiencies; these play not a crucial role in business success, but also in terms of environmental impact. Fujitsu manages 25,000 inbound shipments per year, from 300 key suppliers and the majority of these from Asia. Fujitsu itself produces 4.2 million units, makes 360,000 shipments, delivering to 150 countries, with most of this volume within Europe. Here the environmental targets are clearly to reduce the volume & weight of packaging, reduce air freight and optimize routing by increasing direct deliveries where possible.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions per unit produced and delivered is also a key target, both domestically and internationally. This is being achieved through an optimized sharing of train and truck deliveries, the overall reduction of deliveries made by truck and increasing deliveries made directly from the factory to the customer avoiding the additional transport to a warehouse . International deliveries are also being optimized through increasing direct deliveries from the supplier to the customer and by increasing the share of items transported by ship as opposed to air. Lastly, the final assembly of any product solution should take place as close to the customer as possible. This is one of our major advantages of factory Augsburg in the center of Europe.