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Hardware security

Lock your notebook in place

Modern notebooks are lightweight, small and therefore easy to steal. But besides from the obvious loss of property, the former owner also loses his or her valuable data. All notebooks from Fujitsu have integrated Kensington lock support – a simple and elegant way to keep your notebook where it belongs

Protect your Client Computing Devices against theft

Even a PC or Workstation can be stolen. In this case, the loss might be even larger than that of a mobile system. Therefore Fujitsu Professional PCs and Workstations do not only offer Kensington lock support, but also padlock support. Make sure your property stays where it belongs.

Keep unwanted hands out

Imagine what someone with physical access could do to an unprotected system. To ensure that no one modifies your Professional PC or Workstation against your will, padlock support will not only keep your system in place, it will also keep it closed. To increase security even more, all professional PC and workstations can be sealed.
If all precautions failed and someone forced the cabinet open, the system will notify you about the intrusion over network on startup.