Data Center Management & Automation Cloud

Fujitsu Data Center Management & Automation: On premise, managed service and out of the cloud

Fujitsu supports your Data Center Management & Automation requirements not only with products, services, solutions and our holistic approach but also with different sourcing options.

On premise

The data center management & automation solution for your specific requirements is installed on site in the customer data center and operated by the customers‘ IT staff.

Managed Services

The data center management & automation solutions is tailored to customer requirements and runs in a Fujitsu data center, operated by Fujitsu staff on behalf of the customer as a managed service.

IT Management as a Service out of the Fujitsu cloud (ITMaaS)

Specific data center management & automation services like monitoring and service desk are provided as cloud services out of the Fujitsu cloud. Customers subscribe to Monitoring as a Service or Service Desk as a Service and benefit from cloud-based comprehensive monitoring and service desk solutions – with all the benefits of leading cloud-based solutions.

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