Multi-Cloud Security

The benefits of cloud adoption are undeniable – including faster roll out of new services, accelerated time to execution and lower costs. Embracing multi-cloud raises questions about cyber security. Since data is moved outside the control of traditional on-premises data centers the cyber-attack surface available to criminals, increasing the likelihood of data loss, and opens businesses up to new dangers, not only revenue and productivity, but also the potential loss of brand equity – their corporate reputation.

Multi-cloud can only be secure when you build in security by design. Without this it can quickly sprawl out of control, making you inflexible and inefficient – defeating its purpose. Our experts area rich source of experience across cloud providers, so we can consult you on the best way to put an end to this, and achieve multi-cloud unity, securely.

Multi-cloud requires a different set of security skills and controls. The emphasis in a multi-cloud environment shifts from securing the perimeter of the network to securing data wherever it is, at rest or on the move. In a multi-cloud environment, organizations need to fully understand data flows and protect them according to their sensitivity.

With our broad and comprehensive security consulting, we ensure security by design. While benefitting from the cloud cost base and the operational effectiveness, organizations make no compromise on security. The Fujitsu multi-cloud security portfolio is designed to unify security across the clouds to give you back the independence and flexibility of multi-cloud, securely.

We offer Security Consulting Services and Managed Security Services.

Fujitsu’s Security Consulting services range from advice on cloud security best practice to the provision of cloud security assessment and cloud security continuity consulting services. For more risk averse or highly regulated customers, Fujitsu security offers advanced threat center services such as cyber threat Intelligence, to help proactively combat cyber-crime. Some consulting services are designed to be implemented at the start of a process, to ensure that businesses have a clear view of the activities that need to be considered, e.g. the Cloud Security Posture Assessment Service.

With the Cloud Security Posture Assessment Service we analyze the state of security of your cloud activities.

Fujitsu provides Managed Security Services for a range of public and private sector customers delivering services in on-premise, Hybrid IT and multi-cloud environments.

Our service portfolio comprises managed services for cloud-native security controls. We augment cloud-native security controls with cloud-agnostic security controls that help to meet our customers broadening multi-cloud and Hybrid IT security requirements in today’s rapidly evolving digital economy and thus ensure enhanced protection for cloud workloads.

Our managed security service portfolio comprises Cloud Access Security Broker services (CASB), cloud-agnostic encryption services and security services for for Microsoft 365.

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