Fujitsu PalmSecure ID Access. Keyless access easily secured.

A perfect fit

With PalmSecure™ ID Access, you can easily provide keyless access. No matter whether in the outside area or inside the building! Whether doors, lifts, in the data centre or for lockers - with ID Access you will find your perfect solution. With the possibility of integrating ID Access into existing infrastructures, you can enjoy the PalmSecure™ convenience for many different areas of application - simply secure!

Access with a wave of your hand

The ID Access solutions are based on Fujitsu's biometric authentication technology PalmSecure™. PalmSecure™ recognizes the complex and unique hand vein structure of a human being, which does not change in the course of life. The hand vein technology of PalmSecure™ can be used by almost everyone and offers not only a secure but above all simple protection.

Solutions: PalmSecure - ID Access

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