SAN Backbones

Designed to meet relentless growth and mission-critical application demands, Brocade SAN Backbones the right platform for large enterprise environments that require increased capacity, greater throughput, and higher levels of resiliency. Secure, high density, and proven data center technology, combines scalability and availability with long-lasting investment protection.

Technical Details

Brocade X6-4 Brocade X6-8
Switch latency Brocade FC32-48 blade at Gen 6 32 Gbps speeds: <900 ns (including FEC); any-port-to-any-port local switching and 2.7 μs blade to blade at 32 Gbps, cut-through routing
Fibre Channel ports Up to 192 32-Gbps ports, universal (F_Port, E_Port, EX_Port, M_Port, D_Port, SIM Port) Up to 384 32-Gbps ports, universal (E_Port, F_Port, EX_Port, M_Port, D_Port, SIM Port)
Size Height: 34.45 cm
Width: 43.74 cm
Depth: 61.04 cm
Height: 61.23 cm
Width: 43.74 cm
Depth: 61.04 cm
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