AuthConductor™ Client Basic

AuthConductor™ Client Basic is Fujitsu’s new authentication software that increases the security of client computers by replacing password authentication with biometric authentication. This does not only prevent weak passwords but also saves support time and costs for password resets.

AuthConductor™ Client Basic for Fujitsu PCs allows you:

  • to log in to your Windows system via PalmSecure™ using your unique palm vein patterns, fingerprint or smartcard
  • to use biometrical and smartcard authentication or single-sign-on for desktop and even web applications
  • to back up your biometrical data and transfer it to another system in case of changing the device,
  • to get every action logged in Windows and
  • to benefit from biometric authentication in the pre-boot phase – the pre-boot authentication can optionally be forwarded to Windows and boots directly to the desktop.
Workplace ProtectAuthConductor™ Client Basic
AvailabilityEMEIA only
  • For Fujitsu PCs before Comet Lake Platform and Windows 10 19H1
  • Free for Fujitsu PCs beginning with Comet Lake platform
Single-Sign-OnFor web appsMuch improved for web apps and desktop apps
User InterfaceCreated for users that know already PalmSecure™Created for users that are new to PalmSecure™
  • Animated guide how to get the best out of PalmSecure™
  • Visual feedback during registration
Input & UsageOptimized only for mouse and keyboard usageRedesigned to better support touch input
Windows Event Logs
Backup & Restore

At a Glance

AuthConductor™ Client Basic offers you the following features:

  • Authentication via PalmSecure™
  • Additional Authentication Methods:
  • Single-sign-on for application (desktop and web)
  • Biometric Pre-boot Authentication
  • Included Password Manager
  • Backup/Restore
  • Windows Logs
  • Easy User Interface
  • Multi Language Support
  • License

Workplace Protect

Workplace Protect was Fujitsu’s previous authentication software that will go End of Life in June 2020. The successor is AuthConductor™ Client.

You can still download and use Workplace Protect V1.34 from July 2020. Please note that this latest release is for fans of the WPP series and comes with no support. Due to third party licensing we had to remove the face recognition feature from WPP. There’s no new features or bug fixes in V1.34.