Master Stockpiles of Unstructured Data at Petabyte Scale

The Qumulo File Data Platform enables enterprises to master petabytes of file data distributed across multiple data centers and the cloud. It delivers real-time visibility, massive scale and API control of unstructured data. The Qumulo File Data Platform makes it possible for users to share information, while supporting multiple storage protocols that enable data consolidation.

Product Offering

Qumulo C-Series – Mixed-use hybrid

The C-Series contains a mix of solid state drives (SSDs) and hard disk drives (HDDs). It provides a starting capacity of 96TB raw and scales linearly to multi-petabyte scale.

Qumulo P-Series – All-NVMe

The P-Series - designed to use all-NVMe - enables extremely consistent, high performant, and scalable file storage. It has been tuned for performance and provide a starting capacity of 368TB that linearly scales to over 36+PB.

Qumulo K-Series – Active Archive

The K-Series is a high performing nearline archive system. It is designed for massive scalability in terms of performance, capacity and the number of files it can manage.

Features & Benefits

Why Qumulo?

Technical Details

Host interfacesEthernet (10 GbE / 25 GbE / 40 GbE / 100 GbE)
Max Files in Directory.4.25 billion
Max File System Size9 Exabytes
Max Individual File Size9 Exabytes
Max Number of Files18 quintillion