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Error Recovery Guide Version

This page is for Downloading "Error Recovery Guide Version".

Supported Scanner Models




Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Basic (32 / 64bit)

Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium (32 / 64bit)

Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Business (32 / 64bit)

Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Enterprise (32 / 64bit)

Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Ultimate (32 / 64bit)

Before Downloading - Software License Agreement Required

Before downloading this software, it is required that you accept the terms of the Software license agreement. Read the " terms of the Software license agreement" carefully, before you download the software. By downloading this software, you are deemed to have accepted this agreement.
* The software installation method has changed. Please refer to the following installation procedure.

Software download and installation

Ensure there is adequate hard-disk space.

Download the software to your hard disk by clicking the "Download" link below.


Disk space

[Download] FER2212Xu.exe (size: 194MB)


Extract the downloaded archive file.

For example, execute the following command, and extract the file to your Hard Disk.


[drive:] is the drive name where the downloaded file is stored

[Â¥path] is the pass name where the downloaded file is stored.

[Â¥filename] is the file name to be downloaded.

In case the existing software still remains, after you uninstall it and execute the following command, please install the downloaded software.