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When setting up your scanner -QA1-

Q1.Why is ScanSnap not listed as a TWAIN or ISIS™ source in the application software that I use?
A1.This happens because ScanSnap scanners operate with ScanSnap Manager, a specially designed driver that does not support TWAIN or ISIS™ Therefore, it does not appear as a source in applications supporting TWAIN / ISIS™ and cannot be used with such applications.

Although you can specify an application to view the saved image after scanning, it may not display the image correctly, depending on the application.

Use the following steps to check whether or not your application will correctly display ScanSnap generated images:
e.g. When you wish to check whether or not an application runs with JPEG files.
  1. Create a shortcut of the application that you wish to add.
  2. Drag an arbitrary JPEG file (*.jpg) onto the shortcut. Once the application is started up and the file is opened, you can select and view the JPEG file.

    [How to select application]
  3. Make sure that [Use Quick Menu] in ScanSnap Manager is disabled since [Application] cannot be used when using Quick Menu.

  4. Supported applications will appear in the drop-down list of [Application] from the [Application] tab. * Only installed applications can be selected.

    [Add or Remove] button
    You can add an application or remove an existing application. When you click on [Add or Remove], the following dialog will appear (Up to 10 applications can be added).