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Cloud Computing Challenges

Streamlining the journey

At the top of today’s IT agenda are digitalization, operational efficiency and the need to reduce complexity. Organizations are modernizing and transforming existing IT to meet growth goals in competitive markets. This presents challenges around digitalization, operational efficiency and delivering a hybrid IT world of cloud alongside on-premises IT.

Consolidating workloads on the most cost-efficient platforms increases operational efficiency. And that is what’s behind our next generation cloud service.

IT decision-makers have genuine concerns around issues such as security, data governance, reliability, performance, loss of control, cultural resistance, migration and integration — not to mention the difficulty of selecting trusted cloud partners with the necessary capabilities, experience and market stability to support their specific ambitions.

They often struggle to navigate through the disparate options, for example, when and where to use public, private or hybrid cloud solutions. Many need to assess what steps they have to take to enable the progressive switch to cloud, and the modernization of their IT environment legacy as part of that journey.

Hybrid IT

Cloud also requires IT and business to work together even more closely to ensure cloud adoption is not counter-productive — enabling business units to self-provision cloud service, while IT divisions take care of related risks factors, integration issues and service-level considerations. As cloud adoption surges understanding and addressing the emerging challenges of effectively managing a hybrid IT landscape of cloud alongside non-cloud systems becomes even more critical.

For more about how to tackle the issues of integration, managing risk, unifying management and controlling costs please read our latest research in the “White Book of Managing Hybrid IT” (2.09 MB ) and see the “Managing Hybrid IT infographic” (259 KB).

While some cloud providers seek to play down such concerns, Fujitsu appreciates that the only path to cloud success is to address the challenges head-on. By bringing our technical and business expertise to ensure the least risk for our customer on their cloud journey. We recognize everyone journey is unique — the pace and precise direction of each journey will vary from sector to sector, from organization to organization, and depend on individual business circumstances, competitive pressures and strategic priorities.